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Contesting Online Survey Home | All Survey Questions

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Survey Date Survey Question
May 31, 2004 What Contest Logging Software are you using?
January 1, 2004 Have you ever made a suggestion for a rule change to the sponsor of a major contest?
December 1, 2003 Should CQ magazine make the results of the CQ WW DX contest available on their web site?
September 30, 2003 Will you use the the ARRL Log of the World (LoTW) (For details see
September 1, 2003 A recent posting to the CQ-Contest email reflector discussed not working stations in contests to whom a QSL card with an SASE was sent. Do you think this is
December 1, 2003 Should a multi-single category be added to the NAQP to enhance the growing popularity of this contest?
September 1, 2003 Should the IARU HF World Championship have separate categories for High/Low/QRP power?
June 1, 2003 [This questions was promoted by the recent discussion on the CQ-Contest email reflector.] What should be done with a contestant that spots himself during a contest?
June 30, 2003 Do you have your awards on display?
April 30, 2003 [This question is a follow-up to last month's survey question]. When you enter a contest as a single operator contestant do you operate
April 2, 2013 [Please read "The 24-Hour DX Contest Challenge" by Pete, N4ZR, and Mike, N2MG, seen above before you answer this question] If a 24-hour category were introduced in CQWW or ARRL DX contests, would you:
August 1, 2004 How far behind are you in answering your contest QSLs?
February 1, 2003 If any group could sponsor a "contest within a major contest" such that the exchange, starting and ending dates and times were precisely those specified by the major sponsor but the categories and the rules for scoring were of the sponsoring group's design who would you submit a log to?
April 1, 2003 Do you feel that contests should have a separate SO2R category for single ops?
June 30, 2003 During a contest, if you hear a station with a bad signal, what do you do?
November 9, 2002 Remember your first contest -- what mode did you operate?
October 27, 2002 CQWW SSB 2002 is finished. How did you do?
January 3, 2003 Should the CQWW Multi-Two category band-change (8 changes per hour per transmitter) rule be changed to make it a TRUE multi-two? [Please comment if you have an alternative suggestion]
September 5, 2002 How do you feel about the introduction of a Multi-Two category in CQWW?
November 22, 2002 Should contest logs be made available to developers of open source contest analysis and scoring software?
July 27, 2002 How did your "favorite" WRTC team do in the final standings?
July 15, 2002 How many of the WRTC 2002 teams did you work during the IARU contest?
June 25, 2002 Should digital modes that make "impossible" QSOs happen on VHF/UHF be encouraged during contests?
April 27, 2002 Of the following, what is your favorite month for contesting?
June 10, 2002 Lots of us can copy code pretty fast (at least machine-sent contest exchanges) but many of us trip all over ourselves when it's time to use the paddles. Are you CW sending deficient?
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