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Contesting Online Speak Out

Speak Out: SSB operations out of the 40m bandplan

Every DX phone contest, on 40 meters, stations can be heard operating SSB down below 7040kHz and others, working split, listening for contacts there. Even though the "7040" plan is voluntary, do you feel it still deserves to be honored during contests?

129 opinions on this subject. Enter your opinion at the bottom of this page.
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Anonymous on 2004-04-10
You need to discuss this with those who made the Band Plan - ARRL. From talking with my Vice Director it is very clear the plan is advice a guideline. It is not law and if you need to operate SSB below 7040 or 1840 and it's legal - then DO IT.
We should quit trying to enforce some plan that even the creator does not endorse (follow).

4L5A on 2004-04-09
During major contests activity in CW is very low and I listen specially and there is just few cw station working dx or making contacts all others is comeup and start make qrm
I think most of that people is enjoy police function and many of them also transmitte SSB
Dont forget that in many countries there is no CW and SSB segment on 40m band and thats mean clearly that people can use SSB below 7040 why you qrming those people also?
You force them to change regulation of the country?
Real amateur if he is CW operator or SSB operator will not qrm others
Way people is doing that is really very wrong
If people will not listen from US for example below 7040 they are will have 0 contact with Eu or Asia
Same for many station from DX location operating in contest and hear Europeans loud will be not able to work anyone on 40m for sure
During last WPX I listen on 40 and see that from 7040 to 7100 there is European bigguns and all of them is 59 plus 40
Today I think we have to be patient and share the band and hope that situation will change soon or otherwise I think 40m have to be not for contesting atall then everything will be clear but tmw you will see lot of military and commercial station on this band because many of them using Automatic Link Establishment System and that system find clear freq automaticly
Even today I hear lot of commercial station on 40m in CW portion of the band
I never hear that someone complain
See you in contests

Anonymous on 2004-04-08
Sticking to the bandplan is the best solution! especially in Europe where traffic (in every mode) during the weekends is tremendous. This way everyone can enjoy HAM-radio the way he/she wants (CW, PSK, RTTY, PHONE, aso.)
Maybe an exception should be made for special 40m contest for example during some time periods like 2 hours allowed and 2 hours not allowed for let's say no more 10 (special 40m) contest during a year. I know the last is very questionable but probably a good solution for these contests.
Let's end with emphasising that a good operator shows his skilled 'operating practise' by sticking to the bandplan in even the hardest conditions (in this case overcrowded frequencies).
If there are no norms and values to stick to what makes these bands and operators different from operators on a CB-band?
Show good HAM-spirit and think before pushing that PTT-button about all your fellow hams, newbies, oldies, contesters, non-contesters, digital, phone, cw, experimental audio/digital modes and so on and so on.

Good luck and all the best!

Anonymous on 2004-04-08
Yes I understand, that 40m band is very short for especially SSB operation during contest. But I hate band policemans and all idiot people, that dont understand this problem. If I find FREE frequency on 7.035 for example, why after my first or second CQ in SSB contest, just some idiot make QRM and just sent NO NO NO NO, NO NO NO NO or VVVVVs and etc. I dont understand this people.

Now the same problem i monitored on 20m band during CQ WPX SSB 04. Why also this band ? The cause is HAMSPIRIT, its major problem, which start all next, I think ....

73 de Milan,OK1VWK/OL7R team
member OL3HQ in IARU HF 2003

Anonymous on 2004-04-08
for Mike VK4DX...

Mike have you ever made qso on 7 MHz from Europe in the big contest?...I dont know situation in Australia but here is big ZOOO...realy big....
Robert DL2....

Anonymous on 2004-04-07
It looks to me there is no problem with band limits but with few guy who will do same in CW contest wanting to do RTTY,PSK QRP etc.
Funny thing is , if I go on 7035 and call cq on CW mode there will be nobody to answer my cq's... it's only contest what really get upset these people. Can't they live with just two major SSB contests a year and do CW on less crowded 80/30/20m bands.....

Danny T93M

Anonymous on 2004-04-07
what about cw in the ssb band, its just as bad!

Anonymous on 2004-04-06
Respected at all times and stay off QRP section (I'm not a QRP'er but they deserve to have fun too!)


Anonymous on 2004-04-05
7.040 is a qrp frequency. Most of these stations are running under 5 watts. Some are running milliwatts. Whenever ssb operators and rtty use the frequency one can kiss qrp activity goodbye. This is the type of operating which angers many people and turns them against contesting. These people have the entire band to operate and this one frequency is not even spared.

Anonymous on 2004-04-05
The point of view presented by Helmut is very funny. Thinking this way, dear Helmut, you shouldn't be anxious to work 6990kHz or 7110kHz - if only demand of free frequency will define bands borders so why not? This way you can hear on 10m band - Russian taxi nets, CBer and many others. Are they right ? It's only rule of demand and supply.
I think the real problem is in reducing level of ham spirit - many contesters do not observe not only band limits but also other rules ( especially power limits). The highest score is everything for them and it is not important which way he will be on top.
And, it is sad but true,this way is acceptable for contests committees.

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