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Contesting Online Speak Out

Speak Out: SSB operations out of the 40m bandplan

Every DX phone contest, on 40 meters, stations can be heard operating SSB down below 7040kHz and others, working split, listening for contacts there. Even though the "7040" plan is voluntary, do you feel it still deserves to be honored during contests?

129 opinions on this subject. Enter your opinion at the bottom of this page.
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Anonymous on 2004-04-30
Milan, relax !

Not everyone has to be in callbook. And if your "non existing man that doesn't exists for you" really sent a letter of complaint - well, it sounds to me he exists.

And have you ever wondered if OL7R maybe did something wrong in that contest ? Maybe, just mybe that guy was operating his radio on BPSK on 7035.15 with a few watts and OL7R came on top of him with a KW and started CQ-ing ?

Juuuust wondering if we're all playing fair here ...


Anonymous on 2004-04-29
Adhere to the bandplan, competition or otherwise. That's the reason for a bandplan - it's that simple !!!!
John. M0CVB

OK1VWK on 2004-04-26
!!! Warning for all other contest stations !!!

Who is E.M.DEWASMES from e-mail ? Now in callbook from ON1DJU not exist any E.M.DEWASMES. This not existing man, for me he is not existing, because he is realy not licenced, so he strongly atacked operation OL7R during WPX SSB 04 on 7035 kHz and after he send statement to our president of Czech Radio Club and next institution. This non licenced man make problem for OL7R, why ? I dont know ... but I think from him are too all negative anonymous opinion on this discussion board ...

73 de Milan

Anonymous on 2004-04-24
From GW4ALG:
I don't fully agree with the previous (anonymous) contributor who says that CW ops should "live with it and stop complaining". I think that we should continue to write to our national societies; organisers of SSB contests; and the IARU to get the SSB contesters to clean up their act.
But perhaps we can also learn to 'live with it' too!
Rather than just going QRT during world-wide SSB contests, perhaps CW ops could use the SSB QRM to improve their 'extreme CW' skills. Extreme CW (or XCW) is CW communication under significant adverse conditions.
XCW techniques include:
- the use of slow CW (down to about 12 wpm);
- full break-in operation to send characters/words during breaks in QRM;
- very accurate netting (+/- 20 Hz);
- very narrow receive bandwidths (<100 Hz)
- sending 'XCW' so that the other op knows that you're keen to get the message through;
- message repeats; and.
- repeated 'R' to confirm message receipt.
In fact, XCW ops might actually _welcome_ SSBers in the CW segments!
Regards to all, Steve GW4ALG

Anonymous on 2004-04-20
During contest time there are not so many CW stations on the band and most of the time they are doing very fine without exceptional QRM. It is same thing in CW contests. When CW-contest is going, there are CW-stations up to 7070. Digital modes...same thing.

We have to live with it and stop complaining. We should be happy that we even have this wonderful band available and there are some activity, sometimes more sometimes less.

Anonymous on 2004-04-20

AH6RR on 2004-04-19
I say use it. Here in Hawaii we can use 7.075-7.100 ssb and we do even though we get people telling us we are out of band all the time. Most of the ones telling us this are out of band. So listen on 7.088 during the next contest I'll be there.
73 and good DX
Roland AH6RR

Anonymous on 2004-04-19

OK1VWK on 2004-04-17
Many opinion were send as anonymous, without callsign or name. I think, that this is not realy right discussion.

Good luck in contest and see you on the band ...

73 de Milan

Anonymous on 2004-04-16
I 'd want to keep the 7040 border. During SSB-contests it it impossible to have normal contacts. Stations even call listening 7008 :(
But, working split is fun!
73 's PA2A

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