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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : TS940 antenna tuner stopped working - HELP Forums Help

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TS940 antenna tuner stopped working - HELP Reply
by kr2q on December 16, 2002 Mail this to a friend!
My TS940SAT's antenna tuner has stopped working. When I hit the AUTO button, the LED comes on to show that the tuner is "in line." But when I then hit the AT.T button, the display says that it is matched (but it isn't). No "whirring" of motors and gears - nothing. I can hear the "pitch" of the received signals change (like it is bypassing the filtering) while it is "engaged" and then it drops back to "normal" when "done."

Where do I start?

de Doug KR2Q
RE: TS940 antenna tuner stopped working - HELP Reply
by N2MG on December 18, 2002 Mail this to a friend!

I'd start by looking into the reverse-power-measuring circuit - to see if there's any reverse power being detected. If that ckt is busted, and no rev power is measured, the tuner will likely think it's done as soon as it starts. Not sure if that rev-power ckt is also used for the SWR meter...the SWR meter's operation might give a clue...

Also, be sure to check the Kenwood reflector on Smarter guys than me lurk there.

Mike N2MG

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