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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : G4FZE PileUP Forums Help

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G4FZE PileUP Reply
by VK4TI on August 8, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
I have used PileUp on this PC as a cw trainer under WIN 95. But after upgrading to WIN98 It appears non functional. Has anyone else experienced the problem?
If so did you fix it?

Trent VK4TI
RE: G4FZE PileUP Reply
by N0RKX on August 11, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
I downloaded the software and installed it.
Everything was fine until I started the program, instantaneous lockup. Took a three finger salute to get control back.

I mailed the author and received an answer that the software was never intended to support the PCI bus or the modern soundcards. It seems like the only CW training software that's compatible with Win98 and the PCI bus is NuMorse.

I've downloaded and tried PED and Rufz with no luck even though my soundcard's (SB Live) DOS drivers load on startup.

Good luck.

RE: G4FZE PileUP Reply
by VK4TI on August 22, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
From the man who wrote the programme!

Hi Trent,

Pile Up! has problems with PCI sound cards which is probably the problem. I have been told that Pile Up! works with Win 98 with DOS drivers to allow the program access to the Adlib/FM synth.

G'day from Sydney! I am currently down under for a few weeks working.

73 de Rich, 9M2/G4ZFE


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