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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : TS-570 or FT-920? Forums Help

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TS-570 or FT-920? Reply
by aa9ld on May 3, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Which is these two rigs are best for contesting on a budget?
RE: TS-570 or FT-920? Reply
by N8XP on May 5, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Well I have had a FT 920 for about 4 years,and it has BEEN one GREAT radio. It also does well in contests as far as CW goes, which is all I operate.

I have NEVER had any trouble with it. If you want to contest using CW I would put a CW filter of some kind in the 920...maybe and INRAD CW filter.

I haven't used a 570D/G, but I like the idea that one can select the CW DSP filtering...taylor how wide or narrow the receive on CW is. And, I guess, a computer can be hooked to the 570D/G for contesting.

If you are like me, I can't afford a FT 1000, so that is the reason I went with the FT 920. Some folks do not like the 920, but I think it is one great rig.

IT is a GREAT rig for contesting as far as I'm concerned !!!!!
RE: TS-570 or FT-920? Reply
by ae6y on May 16, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
I can't speak to the 920, but the 570 can be a fine radio for casual contesting, due to its generally fine design, portability, and versatility. On CW, however, it suffers from AGC "pumping", the net effect of which is to desensitize the rx when you are liistening to a weak signal and a strong signal nearby hits the agc (even though you can't actually hear the strong signal). Since this is common in contests, it's a real deficiency. I tried my 570 in a CW Sprint one year, and was very frustrated
In my experience, the problem is less severe on phone. A Japanese Kenwood engineer has a mod on the web allowing the agc to be defeated, but I haven't tried that.
73, andy, ae6y
RE: TS-570 or FT-920? Reply
by AD6E on May 21, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
I'd recommend the FT920. I've had one for a couple years. The TS570 is smaller though so it would have an advantage if you mobile or travel a lot. I've heard some disparaging rumors about the TS570 with regard to its computer control. The stock FT920 is NOT recommended. However, a couple of Inrad filters will completely transform it into a great radio. Even with the Inrad filters, there is some blow-by, but it doesn't bother me. DSP controls are great! Recently I've bought a 1000mp and it compares nicely with the FT920. For SSB, the 920 is almost equal to the mp. For QSK CW, the mp is much better.

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