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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : Who makes this tower? Forums Help

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Who makes this tower? Reply
by KF6I on January 8, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
I have acquired some surplus tower (hot-dipped galvanized) and would
like to determine what company makes it. I would like to purchase additional straight sections for it.

I have a total of six sections.

Two sections (bottom base) are 80" leg-to-leg and taper down to 52"
leg-to-leg. Height is 20' each

Two more sections (middle) are 52" leg-to-leg and taper down to 24.5"
leg-to-leg. Height is 20' each

Two more sections (top) are straight and have 24.5" leg-to-leg spacing.

The sections attach via a four-bolt
plate. The bolt holes are 3/4" in diameter. The top section connecting plates are
4 1/2" square with 3" hole spacing.

Anything anyone can tell me about this tower would be helpful.

Photos are available upon request if anyone needs them to make a positive ID.

Hint: It is NOT Rohn SSV tower.

RE: Who makes this tower? Reply
by kr6x on January 10, 2001 Mail this to a friend!
Alex, K6AC, had a tower meeting that general description installed at his San Fernando Valley location. He put a 4 element Wilson 20 meter yagi and a 10/15 meter Wilson dual band yagi on it. The tower sections were W-braced. His tower was purchased from Tri-ex Towers in Visalia back in the days when it was owned by Frank Clement (circa 1973?). The Tri-ex catalog of towers contains fewer and fewer towers for radio amateurs these days -- they found profit in building trailer mounted towers used to hold lighting for the movie industry and for night-time construction projects such as would be undertaken on the freeways of Los Angeles. As a result, they no longer seem to be in the stacked sections business. Pity.

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