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Contesting Online Speak Out

Speak Out: A post-contest accuracy report for cluster spotting?

Operating with spotting assistance is not for everyone, but for those who use it, what do you think about there being a published "accuracy" report for spots made during contests?

33 opinions on this subject. Enter your opinion at the bottom of this page.
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N7RQ on 2007-10-29
Am I imagining things, or do I really keep finding large US contest stations on recently-posted DX freqs during contests? Hope this is just coincidence, but it sure happened a lot during the CQWWSSB test this past weekend. Mistakes happen, but some mistakes happen on purpose. Perhaps spotlights and analyses are good things.

k1uo on 2007-10-26
Wow!!! Now we have cluster police too? What's it all coming to? Last I knew it was the responsibility of the Cluster user to verify the accuracy of a posted call if he/she intends to use the spot for a contest score or mult. otherwise just randomly work the Callbook.
The self spotting abuse by some Contest entrants, however, is a seperate toxic topic.

Lessrulesmorefun on 2007-10-21
A dumb idea.

K6VVA on 2007-10-05
Why not? Use technology to its fullest.

Just, umh, err, ahhhhh...DO IT!!!


Rick, K6VVA

AA3B on 2007-08-07
think this would help improve the accuracy of spots. You get what you measure!

I note that UBN / NIL reports have increased my focus on getting my logs to be as accurate as possible.

I suspect that the K1TTT post contest analysis of self spotting has brought pressure on the offenders to knock it off.

Therefore, I believe that a focus on spotting accuracy through post contest analysis will improve the overall quality of spots.

Not that I ever spot anyone in a contest...

KB9CRY on 2007-07-23
Who's going to generate the list?

Not me.

Anonymous on 2007-07-19
Who actually trusts the accuracy of spots 100% during a contest??? besides, a station spotted on the East coast may not be heard on the West coast or on another continent, thus, who's to say that spot was or was not accurate? Define accuracy, Call, Freq? +/- How many Hz? The cluster is best used as a tool to see where propogation may be.

k2db on 2007-05-29
After working the WPX Contest this week-end,PUBLISH the list !! Peer pressure will bring the bad spots down in number!

K0RC on 2007-04-21
Publish the list. Improvements are never gained without feedback. Put me on the list. My spotting isn't perfect, but I'll try to work my way down, off the bottom of the list.

Publish the list. I perceive there is some posting of defective spots to foil the competition. There was a blatent example earlier this contest season. Either the guy was drunk or it was intentional.

Publish the list. Peer review will help improve the spotting accuracy in the long run.

w7zr on 2007-04-16
I would love to see this report published. In addition to the errors maybe it would go to my pet peeve. The guy who posts a spot but it is a "wish": "Please 20M now", "Can't hear him in Nebraska", etc.

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