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Contesting Online Speak Out

Speak Out: Dayton Hamvention and Contesters

As a contester, what do you think about the Dayton Hamvention? Any plans for this year, pet peeves, favorite parts, etc.?

17 opinions on this subject. Enter your opinion at the bottom of this page.
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K3GW on 2010-03-31
I was there when AES flew their airplane around and the last time it was in April and it snowed.... I didn't go for a while, but have gone 5 years straight, now. I wish they could move to a more modern, not run-down and easier to get around site with better accessability and parking. I would think that the Dayton Area groups would help out because it is the biggest thing that happens in Dayton except maybe for the Martians secretly hidden at WPAFB! Also, pave the parking lot, get the CB junk and the jewelry and other non-ham stuff OUT of the flea market. Yes, we'll be there this year, too...

Anonymous on 2007-04-25
B0ZOS ...

W9SWL on 2007-04-25

ws4y on 2006-11-10
Never been. Hope to make it at least
once in my lifetime. Maybe this will be
the year.

Anonymous on 2006-10-21
I'm afraid my view is "not enough bang for the buck"... Just too expensive, getting there, buying tickets, etc...

Have gone many times over the years, but won't likely return unless I want something specific. And then it will have to have a "serious" discount...

nr8u on 2006-10-09
I haven't been to Dayton in eight years until this year...
Loved it all over again...
You could move around inside without suffering kidney damage....
If you didn't go to Dayton this year....
I like it the way it was.....

K8GT on 2006-09-23
While the Flea Market attendance was down, mostly due to eBay and other sites, seeing old friends and meeting new ones among the contesters is great. The SMC Hooters party on Thu evening, the hopitality suites at the Crowne Plaza Thu, Fri & Sat evenings, and the Contest dinner are all a blast with a lot of terrific folks. Now with next year's Contest University on Thu, it will be even better. Maybe then I'll be able to copy more calls at the KC suite Pileup Competition and do better than less than half of K4BAI's score. :-) See Y'all there.

OH2BP on 2006-09-06
While in Dayton I would like to join the RTTY
Contester's Happening. Last yeat (2005) there
wasn't any RTTY Operators's get-to-gether evening arrangement. 73 see U on the Screen.

K2DRH on 2006-07-31
Peers over beers. So what could be better? GO VHF contesters! This year's June ARRL and CQWW VHF were awesome! A Technical challenge with killer rates!

k5nz on 2006-07-18
Well, this year the suit selection at Goodwill was pretty poor. No Hooters girls at the SOS Super Suite. K3LR's pizza was cold. I didn't wreck the rental car. We ran out of Stroh 80, DL2AA better return next year and reload the KA9FOX bar box. I didn't have a headache after the KC Pileup competition. Saw "Red's" truck being towed from the geekfest! Didn't have to walk Gator back to his Double Tree Hotel and keep him from being rolled. OK, yeah I'll be back next year! Great contest programs and good seating with some AC! And as always the whole reason to go is where else can you meet your peers!

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