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Contesting Online Speak Out

Speak Out: How do you explain contesting?

Ham Radio in general, and Radio Contesting specifically, can be difficult to explain to the "layman". How do you describe "what you do?"

37 opinions on this subject. Enter your opinion at the bottom of this page.
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wb2irc on 2021-10-11

Anonymous on 2016-02-02
Boy, is this STALE! Not a post for 7 years. Perhaps it's time to delete this and start over.

Anonymous on 2007-05-10
Just having good clean fun.

n4muh on 2007-02-19
A chance to contact many different stations around the country and around the world. To challenge and improve operating skills that can be used in an emergency to save lives. A way to test your skill agenst fellow radio operators.

k6faf on 2005-11-05
Explanation to laymen: I collect connections to other people like me to compete with them towards the overall result of the competition.
At this moment I only collect connections that I have not made before. Once I cannot improve that number any more, because I have reached my goal, I will compete for the number of connections with all the others out there. So far this soothed my wife and my neighbors!!!! They do not think I am a lunatic, because sometimes I take the earphone jack out and let them participate live.
Explanation to insiders: I still hunt for the 5bDXCC,5bWAS,5bWAZ and 5bIOTA. Once they are on my wall, I might consider to compete for numbers again.........or some contest-team signs me up as op!
You are welcome to tempt me!

KD4MCA on 2005-10-22
I was always involved in sports. Baseball, basketball, football, cycling, you name it I played it at one time or another. I never was a great athlete but I loved the competition. Then about 9 years ago my eyesight began to fail me (too many years of type 1 diabetes). Now I can't catch a ball, hit a ball, etc. Radio contesting gives me a way to fuel my competitive spirit that lives inside me despite my physical limitations. This past year I practiced CW so I could get more points in the NC QSO Party, much like I would have worked on free throws or batting practice 10 years ago. For me contesting fulfills that competitive need I have, the need to improve, to compete, to attempt to win.

WA0AVL on 2005-10-20
Contest operation is analogous to Indy 500 racing for competitive amateur radio Op's who display a test of equipment preparation, physical endurance, and strategic planning that can result in the THRILL of VICTORY or the agony of defeat...

K0HB on 2005-10-10
Worldwide game of electronic splat-ball.

AD6WL on 2005-10-05
It's when my wife (XYL) gets to go shopping, visit her mothers or sisters. She can do just about what ever she wants as long as she doesn't bother me.

DJ7EC on 2005-09-28
Sitting in dark hot rooms, toegether with other crazy guys and listening to the funny sounds wich are comming out of the radio. No sleep for 24 or 48 hours but fun fun fun! :-)

I just tell them you have to make as much contacs as possible in the given time. Some say: Oh what a stupid hobby you have! Others are sitting next to me and listening to the radio for hours (CQWW SSB 2004 at my fathers Camping side hihi).There I explained about 25 times what i am doing hi hi

73 to all contesters CU on the bands !!

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