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Contesting Online Speak Out

Speak Out: Phone Sprints - are they worth it?

Few would argue that phone (as opposed to CW) contests in general cause more unrest with non- and anti-contesters due to the relative crowding of the phone bands. The Sprints, with their unique QSY rule are even more disruptive. Would we better off without them?

25 opinions on this subject. Enter your opinion at the bottom of this page.
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Anonymous on 2004-02-13
4 hours twice a year a problem??
I DONT THINK SO!.... and who's to
say whose MODE is better than another MODE? Especially if we are talking about FUN. Next it will be; NETS are they worth it? RAGCHEWING is it worth it? VHF is it worth it? ... c'mon ...

Anonymous on 2004-02-13
I like the phone sprint. It gives fits in perfectly with how much I can stand operating in the 75 meter band above 3800 and probably exchanges about as much useful information as the rag-chewers do in several hours of conversation.

Anonymous on 2004-02-13
Who cares?

Anonymous on 2004-02-12
Yes they are worth it- I look forward to the sprints phone and cw. Some of the best contest operators are in the sprint tests. I recognize the qsy rule-qrm is not a good thing, but its not totally intentional like much of the crude operation on 75 meters. Dont start - and yes cw is a much cleaner mode!!
Brian N7LOX

Anonymous on 2004-02-12

Unless you think that incurring the rath of more than 1/2 of hams is a good thing.

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