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Contesting Online Speak Out

Speak Out: Phone Sprints - are they worth it?

Few would argue that phone (as opposed to CW) contests in general cause more unrest with non- and anti-contesters due to the relative crowding of the phone bands. The Sprints, with their unique QSY rule are even more disruptive. Would we better off without them?

25 opinions on this subject. Enter your opinion at the bottom of this page.
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Anonymous on 2004-02-19
i love them..

N4GG on 2004-02-17

N4GG on 2004-02-17

N4GG on 2004-02-17

N4GG on 2004-02-17

Anonymous on 2004-02-16
I agree with VE4XT...keep 'em. The SSB NAQP and Sprint are two more contests for guys to be introduced to contesting. More and more guys are coming into the hobby barely knowing CW. They sure as heck won't be introduced to contesting in a CW Sprint at 35 WPM. The CW and SSB Sprints are both important.

VE4XT on 2004-02-14
If you listen to the bands during non-contest periods, you quickly realize that the only time they come even close to realizing their potential is when a contest is on.

So any contest is a good contest.

73, kelly

Anonymous on 2004-02-14
Absolutely. As has already been's only 4 hours twice a year. There are a host of other more significant issues involving band QRM, frequency monopolizing, etc...then something that uses only 8 out of a possible 8,760 hours per year. Maybe we should increase the frequency of such events! How long does a typical "net" run each DAY...2, 3, 4? hours...more? One of the strengths of our hobby is diversity. There are many areas for hams to explore and enjoy. Contesting is one of those and an important one at that. Along with diversity must come an amount of tolerance towards others interests. I will tolerate your operational preference and you should mine. That way we all enjoy this hobby. When that tolerance ceases to exist "air-warfare" will break out and no one will enjoy it.
Jeff NX9T

Anonymous on 2004-02-14
All contests are disruptive to non contestants. Why are the CW sprints any less disruptive than SSB sprints? Just because there are less CW operators does not equate to less disruptive. Yes SSB operations take up more bandwidth than CW but the CW sprints still take up a good portion of the CW bands.

I think the ham community can deal with some crowded conditions for 4 hours every now and again. In the last SSB sprint it was great to hear some non sprinters join in the fun.

I would agree that the operators should be more considerate to qso's, nets etc already in progress.

If the new licensing goes through operators will have more places to go to escape the contest qrm. Maybe at that time we can designate certain areas for contests and leave one part of the bands for other activities.

Anonymous on 2004-02-14
Absolutely worth it! It lets me concentrate my contest activity into one short time and get on with rest of my life.

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