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Contesting Online Speak Out

Speak Out: Phone Sprints - are they worth it?

Few would argue that phone (as opposed to CW) contests in general cause more unrest with non- and anti-contesters due to the relative crowding of the phone bands. The Sprints, with their unique QSY rule are even more disruptive. Would we better off without them?

25 opinions on this subject. Enter your opinion at the bottom of this page.
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Anonymous on 2011-11-19
I hate contests such as this All the rules seem to go out the window . Power levels go up Guys do not listen to see if the frequency is in use and start up next to a ongoing QSO Amplifiers go to the left and Horrible Narrow audio seem to be the norm. What a waste Pushing and shoving .. I have heard more fights start during a contest than I have with the guy who runs the Marconi Net

w5cmp on 2007-05-10

Anonymous on 2004-03-08
Yes, the phone sprints are worth it. There are folks who can get in the phone
sprints but don't feel brave enough to try the CW ones the first few times out.
de wa6azp

Anonymous on 2004-03-06
Know CW, know peace.
No CW, no peace.

Anonymous on 2004-03-06
Because they don't know CW.

Anonymous on 2004-03-05
Phone contests...why?

OH1NOA on 2004-03-01
EU SSB Sprints are fun! (as well as CW ...)

NF6D on 2004-02-23
My loging software is suppost to hold 99,999 records and jumping into the contests is a great way to find out if thats true. There will always be those who just do not like to see others have some fun.

KB9UWU on 2004-02-23
I am NO seasoned contesting vet.. and I do not know the entire argument, so my opinion is only based off of the true FUN I have had in that contest. I have only done the SSB sprint twice, but it was the most action packed 4 hours of my ham radio experience. SOooooooooo I would say keep it! IT'S FUN!

Anonymous on 2004-02-20
N4GG has, so far, been the most to-the-point of us all.

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