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Contesting Online Speak Out

Speak Out: Resources for the new contester...

What books, magazines, websites or other resources would you recommend to an aspiring contester?

14 opinions on this subject. Enter your opinion at the bottom of this page.
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W1CDX on 2008-04-28
speak to a real Contest - Champion, or at least read all his white papers.

For RTTY ... go here

Don, AA5AU is such a Champion and a real Elmer too. I think I read everything he has ever published and I learned alot.

GL and see you on the Bands

73 Steve, W1CDX

KG5VK on 2007-10-01
find an elmer and learn contesting

your local club may be your best choice, if no one there is into contesting look at neighboring clubs

yes contesting is intense
yes it is addictive
it is Fun !!!

at KG5VK we harvest polite ops that abide by the rules

interested in finding out more about the Boys from the North, North Louisiana that is.....

or simply email me



Anonymous on 2007-05-10
Ham radio.

KG5VK on 2006-11-16
anything relating to station design and antenna farming

from the ARRL hand Book to Antenna wires

The ARRL Operating Manual became my early fav for a guide for my inspiration to getting into contesting as well as dx chasing

Today it's SO2R and no that does not mean a second morgage on the house
The second radio can be a much cheaper rig and a wire anetnna. SO2R makes single op more fun !!!!!!

I embrace stuff that makes my time with the hobby more FUN !

along the lines of SO2R, the single most important lit I have found is Managing Interstation Interference with Coaxila stubs and filters by W2VJN and the pamplet goes beyound just filters and stubs

I think one of the hardest parts of getting started is embracing which logging software from the many choices

When I started back in the seventies the choice was what type of papper pad do we use!

I am very thank full for K1EA presenting us with CT and converting us from papper loggers to computerizewd.

I look forward to more ops using the new online scoreboards helping to make our sport more entertaining to those in it and those looking at getting into the sport.


KG5VK on 2004-08-10
is one of The Best explanations of what it takes to setup and operate in a first class MM contest environment for a DX contest

Lets see a link for a non DX contest ???

on4mgy on 2004-07-07
1) get a transceiver with a selective receiver!!!
2) make sure you have the best antenna you can place/afford!!!!
3) participate in as many contests as possible
4) work more contests
5) see 4 and enjoy it!!


k5wpn on 2004-02-29
well I listen to the 160m contest this past weekend and you talk about rude people there was a station just 2 kc away from 3905ccn net several of us net member ask the gent could he just move a couple of kc and all us was cussed at andI looked up the call and it was a senior ham, now that is sad if contesting turn ham like that i want not part of that.

KY1V on 2004-01-19
For young hams, visit

Anonymous on 2004-01-16


Aimed at Multi-multi contesting, but still nice intro for the newbie.

KU0KU on 2003-12-27
Don't feel like you have to score big to enter. Start contesting as a "search and pounce" operator...learn the exchanges before the contest (at or and then copy a few stations to get the rhythm first. Keep paper logs for your first few contests so you don't get distracted/frustrated by computer logging while operating at the can computer log afterwards. ANY OPERATING TIME in a contest in better than no operating time...squeeze in an hour or two each contest and you will be hooked in no time.

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