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Contesting Online Team

The Contesting Online project depends on many volunteers who donate their time to help with the administration chores of running each of the areas within the site. The Contesting Online team is constantly changing, as managers may find their lives or interest level changing. We will continue to profile our team and keep this page up-to-date with changes in the team makeup.

If you would like to help with this project, please check out our Help Wanted page.

Bob Naumann (N5NJ) articles, Bob Naumann, N5NJ

Bob is an active contester and mostly operates from large multi-op stations. Bob also can be heard occasionally from Antigua with his callsign, V26O. He also enjoys VHF contests as well as HF DXing.

Bill Fisher (W4AN) Founder, Bill Fisher, W4AN

Bill Fisher (SK) was a very active contester and CW rag chewer. A member of the FOC, South East Contest Club, and Southeast DX Club, he achieved many contesting achievements including the silver medal at the World Radio Team Championship in San Francisco in 1996 with partner John Laney (K4BAI).

He built a contest super station in the mountains of north Georgia that included 6 towers plus a 4-square array for 80 meters. When not contesting, he enjoyed operating his station remotely through a telephone link to his TS-870, Alpha 87A, and remote controlled antenna switching. At home, antenna restrictions prevented Bill from putting up outdoor antennas. But he operated vintage radio gear with attic antennas.

Bill was founder and Vice President of Concentric Systems, Inc. (CSI) of Alpharetta, Georgia, formerly a custom built PC supplier to computer resellers. The company was founded in 1992 and in 1999 the company employed over 100 people and achieved ISO-9002 certification. Bill was also founder and President of Akorn Access, Inc. Akorn was an Internet service provider and internet consulting company.

Bill was married for more than 12 years and had two children. When not doing radio, he normally spent time on the seat of his bicycle training for races.

Bill is sorely missed around

Dave Pascoe (KM3T) Guru, Dave Pascoe, KM3T

Here is Dave Pascoe.

Lisa Zeug (K7UQT) Links, Lisa Zeug, K7UQT

My first exposure to amateur radio occurred in 1984 during a contest at W0AIH's antenna farm. Shortly after we met, my OM took me to "The Hill"--he says now that his intention was to make any tower he put up seem small by comparison. At the time, I was fascinated that he was talking to people from all over the world though I would have liked to hear more than "You're 59, Wisconsin ..." So, I studied, learned the Code and got my license to surprise him.

We even had a ham radio wedding. Pastor Paul, W0AIH, gave the homily. It was on RST.

Time has passed, and we've moved from Wisconsin to Illinois to Georgia to Oregon to Massachusetts. At each QTH, the property gets bigger as do the plans for towers and antennas. But we're jinxed--each time we think we're finally settling down, the curse hits, and we have to move on. But our dreams of the perfect station go with us.

As for what part of ham radio holds my interest, I love a good contest. My preferred band is 10 meters. That way, Mike (currently W7OT) can have 40 or 80 at night, and we both enjoy ourselves. In 1999, we both won Georgia in the ARRL DX Contest on different bands. I also took 2nd place in the U.S., 4th in the world for band restricted operation in the WPX SSB Contest.

Randy Thompson (K5ZD) News, Randy Thompson, K5ZD

Randy is a member of the CQ Magazine Contest Hall of Fame and is currently the Director of the CQ WW DX Contest.

Sylvan Katz (VE5ZX) Surveys, Sylvan Katz, VE5ZX

Sylvan brings many years of contesting and professional experience to in his role as Surveys Manager.

Sylvan invites you to propose questions that probe the foundation of amateur radio contesting and the rapid evolution of contesting technology so that we can help ourselves understand the unique opportunities before us.