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Contesting Online Forums connect you with people sharing your passion for amateur radio contesting. Use Contesting Online Forums to ask questions or discuss topics of interest.

A forum is created based on subjects and are normally the result of site member suggestions. If you think a new forum should be created, you can email the Forums Manager with your suggestion.

A topic (thread) is created within a forum by members who decide to start a new topic or ask a new question. Registered site members can then respond to such threads.

Create a new topic:
Within each forum there is a link at the top of the page labelled Create a New Topic in.... Clicking on this link will allow one to create a new topic (thread) within a forum.

Each topic has at least one message. Within a topic there may be many messages that are replies to either the original message or other messages within the topic. When viewing messages within a topic, messages are sorted from the original message to the most recent message.

Each message posted within a topic has a subject. You may decide that your message is deserving of a slightly different subject than that of the topic. Replies to messages will appear as re: Original Subject unless you change the subject in your reply.

Creating a message in the Contesting Online Forums is easy. If you want to create a new topic within a forum, click on the forum name. Once in the forum, click on Create a New Topic in... link at the top of the page. If you would like to add or reply to a message within a forum, click on the Reply link on the message.

When adding your message you may be allowed to add it anonymously (this option is determined by the site management). You can edit your subject and enter the text of your message. If you would like to receive email notification of replies made to this topic, click on the checkbox marked Subscribe. If you subscribe to a topic, you will receive a copy of any message posted to the topic via email. Once you have entered your message, click on the Post button. You will be given an opportunity to verify your message before committing it.

Within each forum you can search for messages by typing keywords in the box marked Search. A list of messages matching your search criteria will be returned.

You can subscribe to topics within a forum by clicking on the Subscribe! link while viewing a topic. You can also view or change your subscriptions by clicking on My Subscriptions.

Need more help?
If you need more help using the Contesting Online Forums or have questions or comments about the Contesting Online Forums, you can write the Forums Manager.