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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : Help with CW keying from laptop Forums Help

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Help with CW keying from laptop Reply
by VE4GV on January 1, 2008 Mail this to a friend!
My old Inspiron 3800 laptop finally died. I plan to go to 6Y in about 5 weeks and possibly work teh ARRL DX CE test. My newer Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop does NOT have an LPT port - only one com port and 6 USB ports. I've been using CT and TRlog for years but I have read that USB lpt emulators/adaptors can't be used for rig keying.
Since these older DOS based programs are not "USB" compatible, what software/configurations are contesters using for their newer laptops? Or would it be easier to
buy a cheap older laptop and simply run it like I have in the past (com port for rig control and LPT port for CW keying.)?

Tnx es 73

RE: Help with CW keying from laptop Reply
by nn4w on January 2, 2008 Mail this to a friend!
Hi Rob,

I ran into the same problem and ended up going with the WinKey-2 from K1EL. It's a USB interface and emulates a Comm port so it should work fine with pretty much any software that's out there, (I've used it with N3FJP and WriteLog).

It's a heck of of a lot cheaper and easier then buying an older laptop!

RE: Help with CW keying from laptop Reply
by ve3iay on January 3, 2008 Mail this to a friend!
Hi Rob,

I'd guess that many people in your situation have moved to Windows software.

Regarding hardware, I believe USB LPT adapters do not give you the bit-level access you need for CW keying. However, USB-to-serial adapters generally do implement the DTR and RTS control lines, so you can do CW from a USB-to-serial adapter. Alternatively you can use a USB-to-serial adapter for rig control and use your true serial port for CW/PTT/FSK keying.

Some people have problems with "stuttering" in CW using direct serial port keying. The usual solution to this is an outboard serial keyer (the K1EL Winkey). The USB Winkey 2 works from a USB port, supports paddle input, and can also be used as a stand-alone keyer without the computer.

For portable operating I use a laptop running N1MM Logger under Windows XP. This computer has no serial ports. It does have a parallel port which I have used occasionally for CW keying, but the USB Winkey is more flexible. I use a generic USB-to-serial adapter for rig control.

RE: Help with CW keying from laptop Reply
by ok1rr on January 21, 2008 Mail this to a friend!
I would move to Linux. No problem at all and the tlf by PA0R is a very good TR clone for this platform.
RE: Help with CW keying from laptop Reply
by k0ni on August 31, 2009 Mail this to a friend!
I also am using the winkey with my laptop.It works well with N1MM for contesting as well as WinEqf for my every day logging. One of the features I love about it is I can plug a set of paddles into it and reguadless of what I do the paddles and computer are both set at the same speed all the time.

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