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Contesting Online Forums : Tips : Contest QRM!!! Forums Help

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Contest QRM!!! Reply
by 9J2CA on July 7, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
Is it usual for these contests which seem to run EVERY WEEKEND to spread themselves over most of the band??? eg RTTY running on top of some poor station/stations on the Olivia section of 20 meters - approx 14:50Z 07/07/2007

RE: Contest QRM!!! Reply
by VE3GSI on July 12, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
First and foremost we must remember, NO one person or organization owns a frequency, simply put the frequencies are free for any licensed Amateur OP to use and when we can share.

There is no doubt this argument of mode and frequency vs. contest use has been around ever since I became a Ham 40 years ago, though perhaps then it was mostly Nets, Rag chewers and DXers at odds with the contester. Now it is contesting and different modes working in the same proximity on the band. And I honestly suspect 40 years from now a new conflict will arise with future modes of the day along with the modes of today.

Yes your observations are correct, contesting has become big, but to be fair, by checking a contest calendar major RTTY contests are not run each and every weekend, nor seldom do they monopolize the entire band or weekend. As for RTTY Ops, I honestly think you will find they are the most polite of any contester, again to be fair, there are very good Ops in every contest regardless of mode. If told nicely the frequency is in use with a QSO, most will move, I sure will.

Now I present you this; A RTTY Op calls QRL and listens and often repeats the QRL and identifies. There is no answer, so on he goes only to be rudely told this frequency is used for specific modes, most often by a 'band policeman' giving no ID. Which begs me to ask a question, which Radio Op is in error, the Ham that politely sends QRL and ID's or the Radio Op that shows no courtesy by identifying himself (herself) and belittles the contest fellow who does identify?

As a person using one mode, am I to call QRL in several different modes just to find out if the frequency is in use? I am sure you must agree this is not practical. If a non contest station is being clobbered by a RTTY contest station and someone has switched modes to play band monitor, then please ID, tell me the frequency is in use, I will move, most contesters will. But no one listens to blind broadcasts or rude insults - please note: I am not saying you are one that does not identify or fly off the handle.

Last, I have often worked stations in one mode only to be QRM'ed by an other stations in another mode, most likely because the bandpass of their radio does not match mine and I suspect they did not hear me, guess what I do? I turn the big knob on the front of my radio and QSY to a new spot. Heck better still, why not jump in the 'fray' of the contest, gain a few new countries or states and even new friends? Then later tell your new friend the fun and advantages of your personal favourite mode.

de VE3GSI - Eric.

RE: Contest QRM!!! Reply
by GW4ALG on July 20, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
I'm not surprised that you're fed up with contests every weekend. The majority of radio amateurs have no interest in contesting and are equally fed up with the contest QRM every weekend.

Most contesters have no regard for other users of the amateur spectrum, and this means that band plans and the needs of experimenters and ragchewers are ignored while the contesters satisfy their feeding frenzy, contest after contest after contest.

RTTY contesters are certainly the worst operators, but all contesters, and those who call them, are contributing to the decline of this once great hobby.

What's the point in working hard for your licence and constructing/maintaining a radio station if you can't keep in touch with your pals; and if your signals get clobbered by aggressive and obsessive contesters every weekend?

Regards to all,
Steve GW4ALG

RE: Contest QRM!!! Reply
by M5FRA on July 22, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
It is also quite common for the pro-contesters to come back with the comment that nobody owns the spectrum/frequency. Yes, all hams share spectrum and MOST respect the 'rights' of others to use it - except when a contest is on. Then it is the biggest/loudest/most aggressive station that wins irrespective of the 'rights' of others to enjoy their hobby. The end result is that the ever present contests EVERY weekend are driving people away. Contesters already moan about the quiet bands when there are no contests, perhaps they should look to themselves and ask why.

Colin, ex M5FRA, yes, they have driven me away after 43 years.
RE: Contest QRM!!! Reply
by M5FRA on July 24, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
On a more positive note, I have said MANY times that if contesters agreed to behave in civilised way and abide by the band plans there would not be a problem. But it seems they are either incapable or unwilling to do so. That only shows that they just do not care about anything other than winning their damn contests and to hell with anybody that gets in their way.

Colin - ex M5FRA
RE: Contest QRM!!! Reply
by KI9A on October 15, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
The OLIVIA section?? What the heck is that???!!!
RE: Contest QRM!!! Reply
by M5FRA on October 15, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
Check the B A N D P L A N

RE: Contest QRM!!! Reply
by W4UDX on October 23, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
Contesting is one of the few ham activities that draws large numbers of operators to the bands on a regular basis. This is a good thing..... it shows the FCC that the bands are being used and keeps them from farming them out to other non-ham communications services. On non-contest weekends, I have been on 20 and 40 meters and heard very few operators. Sometimes 20 is like a ghost town. "The bands are dead" you say? Why are they alive during contests?
The way I look at it is if there is an offending station, their callsign, time, frequency and the nature of the offense should be recorded and they should be notified, or notify the FCC.
To leave a hobby just because you can't get along with some weekend contesters makes no sense to me. To post messages with hams when you are no longer one makes even less sense. If I were to get out of the hobby, I would just get out, and find something else to do with my time, not go on the offensive with those who you are no longer a part of....
You can talk over a cell phone. You can text message over a cell phone. You can even send pictures over a cell phone. But you can't contest over a cell phone. It takes a radio to do that. Contests have been around a long, long time. I dare say that they will be ongoing until ham radio is no more. But they will not cause the demise of ham radio. Only non-usage of the ham bands will cause that.
RE: Contest QRM!!! Reply
by M5FRA on October 24, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
First, there is a common misconception that the 'large numbers' of contest stations form a majority of radio amateurs. Even in the biggest worldwide contests there are less than 5% of the amateur population operating.

Secondly, if you are arguing that the frantic and sometimes lunatic operating during a contest is a way of justifying our use of ever precious spectrum then you are fooling yourself. Constant, daily operation on bands is a more effective way of demonstrating that we need the spectrum.

As for not hearing stations on non-contest weekends we do not have many of those in EUROPE, maybe 1 or 2 a year. Many amateurs have been driven off the bands by the incessant contests. Far from helping the amateur radio cause, contests are driving people away in ever increasing numbers. If the weekend is the only time you have to operate it is very demoralising not to be able to talk to mates, or make any sort of normal QSO, when the bands are full of contesters screaming into their mics and often totally ignoring band plans. In the end even the most patient wonder why they have so much money tied up in equipment that they cannot use on their time off.

The answer is very simple: fewer contests and rules that make adherence to band plans mandatory for ALL contest operators. That is not so difficult but contesters resist it all costs.

RE: Contest QRM!!! Reply
by va3djl on October 26, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
I am a casual contester, thus my interest in this site and conversation. I however need to ask the obvious question. If many of you have such a clear negative opinon of contesting.... why are you reading and responding to this thread on a contesting themed website???

Sorry, just had to point out the obvious.


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