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LoTW & Contests Reply
by N3OX on June 13, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
How many of you are submitting your ARRL-sponsored (or otherwise) contest logs to LoTW?

How many of you who aren't would do so if there were, say, a small percentage of your score in bonus points if you did?

Would it be fair to the computerless, internetless contesters out there to have such a system in place? (I think no, so... how could it be made fair?)

It already seems to be the case that contesters are good LoTW QSL'ers... but it would be pretty neat to have it be nearly 100%, and a possibly big incentive for hams to enter casually and make a bunch of contest QSO's for band and mode fills...

What do you think? Good idea? Terrible idea? Moot point because everyone does it anyway? Too early to tell if it's needed?

I'm certainly going to submit 100% to LoTW now that I've got my certificates... export the log to Cabrillo for submission, import it into my regular logging program, press a button, done... but maybe there could be a gentle incentive for those who are holding out...

RE: LoTW & Contests Reply
by k6gep on June 15, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
I am a big fan of LOTW and contesting. RTTY contests
are awesome with LOTW. I now have over 50% QSLed on
LOTW for last weekend's ANARTS contest!

No, I don't think there should be bonus points for
LOTW. There are some other ways to make incentives
for LOTW contesting.

N5RR has an idea for a LOTW Contest next October which
overlaps the Oceania contest, and some of the Calif
QSO Party. His website isn't up today, but it is

Another thing I'd like to see the ARRL do is have
plaques for the most number of LOTW QSL's from their
International DX Contests (CW & SSB). I would especially like to see plaques for DX stations, since that is where the participation is lacking. Maybe I need to contact ARRL to see if this kind of plaque could be sponsored.

RE: LoTW & Contests Reply
by K9NW on June 21, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
Re: Bonus points - No. It's a radio contest, not a computer contest. All points need to be based on making radio contacts.

Re: Plaques - One can sponsor a plaque for pretty much anything they desire for the ARRL DX 'test. You have to contact the contest department and, of course, pony up the funds.

RE: LoTW & Contests Reply
by kb9ygd on June 27, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
Very good question Dan thank you.I sign and upload my log to LOTW after i review and/or correct it after every contest i enter and about every week even if i must sign and upload 50 or so qso`s.There are many hams and people in general who want everything but just refuse to do the work involved to get it and for this type person LOTW and many aspects of life in general will forever elude them.I think LOTW is so well done it simply amazes me.73,Norm/Kb9ygd.
RE: LoTW & Contests Reply
by wm2p on April 2, 2008 Mail this to a friend!
I just posted a similar question and withdrew an article on eham calling for a boycott of contest stations who have the ability but refuse to submit their logs to LOTW. Many hams like me support contest stations by devoting time and energy to provide them points. In many cases they want us to send them money, IRC, etc. to get a card back and even then you may not see a QSL card. I for one will no longer provide any points to a contest station who I know does not upload their log to LOTW. I will not be anyone's chump and help them to obtain "fame and glory" and then not even get the courtesy of a LOTW confirmation. I am sure that most contest stations submit their logs electronically. They can set up complicated contesting stations but can not set up a LOTW account. If there truly is a reason then they get an exception. If it is because it is too much of a bother, well it is a bother for me to provide them with a contact.

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