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OWA antenna Reply
by KB9MZ on May 29, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
I keep seeing the OWA antenna being claimed by some people when it was fully describedin the patent titled
Constant impedance matching system that was described on the net some where around 1995 on amateur radio antenna newsgroup!
It would help you to read the original patent which explaines things so much better
RE: OWA antenna Reply
by K8GU on May 31, 2007 Mail this to a friend!
I respectfully disagree. Although your patent describes something similar, the OWA implementation does not introduce any excess hardware for "coupling elements." Rather, OWA distributes the yagi elements optimally along the boom to obtain a wider VSWR bandwidth. The OWA principle is more closely related to the sleeve dipole (which pre-dates your patent by 50 years or so) than to your "Constant impedance matching system."

A number of high-profile stations have used the NW3Z/WA3FET OWA designs very successfully. Furthermore, the designs are both mechanically and electrically elegant and are easily modeled with NEC. This is why it bears their names.

I don't think anyone has "stolen" your idea. But, I'm not a patent attorney, either.

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