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EPC Russia DX Contest 2011
by Yuri (RK3DSW) on September 27, 2011
Northern California Contest Club is 40
by tom lish (n6ajr) on August 12, 2010
Contest Academy at Visalia
by tom lish (n6ajr) on January 31, 2010
What preparation do you do?
by John Ferrington (vk6hz) on October 5, 2009
Announcing the Contesting Compendium
by Pete Smith (N4ZR) on April 23, 2009
Contesting at Visalia !!
by tom lish (n6ajr) on February 3, 2009
30 Contesting Tips
by K9JY on October 13, 2007
YouTube CW Contest Simulation
by W0MM on June 6, 2007
Contesting - What's That ?
by Rick Tavan, N6XI on April 12, 2007
Contest Preparation
by N3BB and the CTDXCC - Thanks ! on April 7, 2007
Getting Started in Contesting
by Steve London (n2ic) on April 6, 2007
ON4WW's Guide to DXing and Contesting
by Steve London (n2ic) on April 4, 2007
In multiple languages !
Wikipedia - Amateur Radio Contesting
by Steve London (n2ic) on April 4, 2007
Contesting FAQ
by George Fremin III - K5TR on March 29, 2007

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