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Real ESA Letter

Paul Flythe (paulflythe) on February 23, 2023
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Why Is It Important to Have an ESA Dog?

As the world is pacing forwards, life is becoming more and more difficult. With the increasing competition in almost every field of life, stress and mental ailments are becoming more common. Hence, people usually tend to adopt measures to relax and rest. For instance, some like to stay back at home and do nothing; others want to go out and be with the people they love to spend some quality time with and get rid of exhaustion. Similarly, for the past few years, another concept has become common around the world to get relief from grinding everyday routine and that is adopting an emotional support animal.

- BBC Teach

Emotional support animals are like your pets. They provide you with comfort and affection and help you cope with the symptoms of any disability, whether mental or physical. Emotional support animals are said to have therapeutic benefits. They have a lot of benefits, especially related to mental well-being, which is why they are becoming quite popular nowadays.

Emotional support animals are sometimes considered the same as service animals. However, even though both these animals are assistance animals, they are different in terms of their work. Service animals are specially trained to help people perform any physical work, especially when they have a physical disability. On the other hand, emotional support animals are not specifically trained. They are just there to help provide comfort and care to you to provide relief from any distress. Unlike service animals, emotional support animals require an ESA letter from realesal to officially recognize them as emotional support animals so you can take them anywhere with you.

Emotional support animals are recognized under the Fair Housing Act (FHA). According to this act, you will be allowed to keep your emotional support animal with you in your house or apartment without any restrictions and irrespective of any no-pet policy if you receive your emotiona l support animal letterfor housing. Once you have the letter, you can hand it to your landlord, and you will be legally free of any charges related to a pet as well.

Several types of animals can be considered emotional support animals. These include dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, ferrets, hamsters, ponies, and snakes. However, dogs are the most common emotional support animals around the world, so why not? They are man's best friend.

Dogs are usually considered the best companion you can have in the form of a pet. Owners of dogs usually report that their dogs help them through any stressful or anxious situations, and reduce depression and any feelings of loneliness. Therefore, it is safe to say that an ESA dog will be quite beneficial for you if you have some kind of disability and the specialist prescribed you an emotional support animal with realesal etter. So how can emotional support dogs be beneficial for you?

Benefits of Having an ESA Dog

Many pieces of research prove that dogs are significant for mental and physical problems. The bond between you and your emotional support dog can help you overcome any difficult times and can have positive effects on your overall health. Following are some of the reasons why if you need an emotional support animal, it should be a dog.

  • According to various studies, emotional support dogs are said to increase the levels of dopamine and serotonin, which are the hormones related to feelings of happiness and relaxation. Hence, having your emotional support dog with you can help you calm down and relax.
  • Emotional support dogs provide you support in difficult situations, such as when dealing with a panic attack or a trauma.
  • Spending time with your emotional support dog can improve your mood and reduce any feelings of loneliness.
  • According to research, emotional support dogs help you endure physical and mental pain.
  • Emotional support dogs provide you with a lot of comfort and affection, which helps you sleep easily. Hence, they are said to be effective for insomnia as well.
  • Emotional support dogs provide you with their company and attention all the time, which helps reduce any negative feelings and thoughts that are built up in your mind.

Now that we know why an emotional support dog can be an important ESA, let us see how you can get one for yourself. Getting an emotional support animal is pretty simple. First, you need to identify what kind of problem you have and why you require an ESA. For this purpose, you can visit a medical professional who can guide you with their expert opinions regarding the issue. Once the professional believes you are eligible for an emotional support animal, they will recommend you to get one. Now, all you need to do is visit a medical facility and register for your emotional support animal. You can either adopt a new animal as your emotional support companion or get your pet registered as an emotional support animal. Either way, you will have yourself as an emotional support animal.

Hence, the thought of adopting emotional support animals to provide therapeutic benefits is starting to become widespread. People turn to emotional support animals due to their care and comfort to counter their stress. Dogs are unarguably the best emotional support companions. Due to their friendly and caring nature, ESA dogs make sure they do not leave you alone and will support you in any miserable time in your life. 

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