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Essential online resources to help you

Jack Miles (Jackmiles) on August 26, 2022
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Essential online resources to help you boost your academic writing skills ; Guide 2022

Effective academic writing requires a very good command of the language in which one writes, certain hacks are quite necessary for effectively managing your writings. If you have good command and learn key tips for your academic papers, then you can have an edge over other writers to succeed in the writing world. If you want to learn, you develop this writing skill gradually because nothing can happen overnight, and takes time to boost your skills. However, if you fail to comprehend writing techniques well, then you can reach out for assistance.

Incredible Insights for Technical Writers to Improve their Content


For assistance in your writings, you can access an expert essay writer who has been working for years to assist people, usually students who face issues in gaining academic excellence. Professional writers have good command over subjects and thus, in writing their essays as well. A good writer uses all available resources and skills for effective writing and better work.



                Once I was short of time and I had to submit my assignment within hours, I reached out to essay writing service named SharkPapers, asking them to write a paper for me'. These service providers instantly entertain you and provide you with the solution you need at a particular moment in time.



There are numerous online resources for academic writing and professional writers usually use these certain tools and ways to boost their skills. Some of the collected useful resources that improve writing skills such as Grammar, Punctuation & Co.,, Zotero, and many more.



The online resources help to enhance your academic writing skills gradually and precisely. The usage of online resources including Grammar, Punctuation & Co., and corrects your punctuation mistakes instantly and are normally used in academic writings to remove small mistakes from the document.


Essay writing has been a skill that develops gradually, however, these online resources assist to polish your essay in such a way that it seems to be an essay written by highly skilled writers. You just need to properly use these resources for improvement in your writings as well as writing skills.



Let us talk about the available online resources and their functions. There is a tool named HyperGrammar which is a comprehensive electronic grammar training resource tool, developed at the Writing Center of the University of Ottawa.



Another similar source is Girl's Grammar which proposes and suggests fast and dirty tips for improving writing by Mignon Fogarty. This online resource gives brief and polite suggestions for better writing. To remember and apply the problem-finding grammar rules and word choices that can confuse even the best authors, Grammar Girl makes you understand and learn complicated grammatical rules with questioning after its use to make you memorize the way sentence structure works.



Another resource named 'English Style Guide for Economist' could be used to boost your skills as this is mainly used by journalists and economists while compiling their reports. The online resource contains numerous hints and tricks on how to employ metaphors, hyphens, punctuation, or figures in a very precise and brief manner.



General writing skills could be improved by using tools such as ‘Writer’s Digest’ which offers info regarding how to write your article better and get it published. This online resource site also incorporates community platforms and forums along with blogs and long lists of other means by which writers can get themselves writing assistance.



Other than these, there are online writing courses that also serve as a resource to improve your writing skills. These are a collection of free courses which focus on various kinds of creative and innovative writing including poems, prose, academic writing as well as fiction or ghostwriting.

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