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Where to apply with high scores for the

Maria Neumann (marianeumann) on April 2, 2022
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Where to apply with high scores for the USE: trends in 2021 Becoming a high achiever is a dream of many 11th graders. However, this dream also has its own nuances, not knowing the sites to help students https://edushar to get high scores will not work. Everyone wants mostly not for ambition and self-esteem, but to get into top universities.

MSU has long ceased to be the alma mater of talented educated people - now we have a wide range of excellent by quality and ranking universities!

Where do all the graduates go? MSU is no longer at the top of the list, but it is definitely one of the top 3 multidisciplinary universities. But first, an important clarification: we will not make a rating of the top universities by popularity, but we will show you where you can find help about paper, because in today's world, the scheme "the more top, the better" is failing more and more often. We are changing to the motto "to each his own.

Among the universities, where you can get an education in completely different areas, we should highlight as the most popular the following options:

NRU HSE. MOSCOW STATE UNIVERSITY St. Petersburg State University KFU . Among specialized universities the leading ones are:

Bauman Moscow State Technical University MEPHI MIPT MGIMO Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration Plekhanov Russian Economics University Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. Of course, the list for future physicians has its own:

"First Med named after Sechenov. "Pirogov Second Med. Pirogov Medical University in St. Petersburg. Pavlov Medical University in St. Petersburg These universities have rather high passing grades for the budget (mostly >90 for each subject). So if your goal - one of the universities in the list above, you need to think about training seriously and as early as possible.

It is also important to remember that these universities are not only difficult to enter - not everyone can finish even the first year. So before you set your sights on getting into top universities, we advise to decide for yourself what is more important: a diploma "for show or knowledge. To be a good specialist, you need to learn, and employers are increasingly prioritizing the knowledge and skills, rather than the cherished acronym on the cover of the diploma.

Popular specialties It is worth noting that in recent years more popular among applicants become paper-writing-service as well as physics and mathematics, economics, law, pedagogy and medicine.

Just 10 years ago the specialties in these spheres were not in great demand and were considered less promising. But now the situation is different: most future students already understand that it is much more important to choose the direction in which they want to study, and there will always be an opportunity to monetize their skills. Few people think it is necessary to get a diploma just because Auntie Galya said so.

The choice of majors in the last two years has been heavily influenced by the pandemic. It's made people think about:

a) about what they really like to do,

b) about the future and how viable the chosen profession is in today's realities and in crisis situations.

Olympiads This is another "pitfall" that many graduates greatly underestimate - and for good reason.

The admission according to the results of Olympiads greatly simplifies the life of an eleventh grader, closing the school subject entirely with the figure 100 in the column "USE score" when submitting the documents. Moreover, many universities add extra points for participation in the Olympiad (especially in the one that is held at the university itself - many have such, for example, "Highest Trial" at the National Research University Higher School of Economics).

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