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Facts about the devil's game of roulette

John Tomas (marrontom) on July 5, 2021
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The roulette game is considered the most interesting and most exciting. People enjoy spending time with her, testing themselves and their luck. And today it is not necessary to go to a real casino, because you can also play online roulette for free, winning and having fun. Many players think they know everything about roulette. But we will tell such incredible facts about this game that will surprise even avid gamers.

The player and the roulette - on equal chances

Roulette cannot be cheated as says on h ttps:// , but it does not cheat either. The player can win good money on it. So, the advantage of this game over a person is about 2.7%. Thus, winning at roulette is not a rarity, but a regularity. By the way, it is the roulette game that is the most friendly and gives out a fairly large percentage of winnings. Make sure you can now. Online roulette is available on our website for free without registration.


Albert Einstein once said that it is impossible to beat roulette. To win, it is best to steal chips from the table while playing. But one player Charles Wells proved otherwise. While playing roulette, he doubled both on red-black bets and on numbers during a loss. And this man was able to win fabulous money, completely ruining the casino.

Devil's game

This is what roulette is often called. And this is due to the fact that the sum of all its numbers is equal to "666". It even scares some.

Roulette is an absolute coincidence

Interestingly, the roulette wheel was created completely by accident. The experimenter Blaise Pascal worked on it, thanks to whom the game now exists. And the word itself is of French origin and means a small wheel. Now roulette slot machines have become very popular.

The croupier decides the game

Luck is not the only thing that matters in roulette. The croupier's throw determines where the ball will stop. Consider this! This fact does not apply only to online roulette games.

These interesting things offer us to look at roulette from a completely different side. And today such a game is not only incredibly popular, but also available in online casinos. Therefore, everyone can play by trying interesting methods and also testing their luck.

Female gambling style

If someone says that a woman does not like to take risks, do not believe it! A woman is as gambling as a man. And in some cases, even lucky. And this is proved by many examples when ladies, spending time in the casino, won fabulous sums.

Woman and casino are compatible concepts

History has many names of women who could not imagine themselves without games. Of course, there are many examples of ladies losing a lot of money because of their hobby. For example, Nefertiti, Empress Anna Ionanovna, Queen Marie Antoinette could not control themselves and said goodbye to huge sums. But many women have been successful in gambling.

The famous film star Marilyn Monroe spent a lot of time playing slot machines at the best casinos in Las Vegas. The lady was especially fond of blackjack. In the 19th century, American Annie Duke won $ 4 million in poker. Agree, it will be difficult for any male player to break her record.

The scandalous glamorous lady Paris Hilton and Alla Pugacheva are happy to spend time at the gaming tables. By the way, Paris is a regular visitor to numerous casinos in the United States and even managed to rip off $ 30,000 on her birthday. And the domestic celebrity Alla Pugacheva was very upset when casinos were closed in Russia, so she often visited different countries to play.

Today, many ladies play online slot machines. They also learn to play cards and try to catch their luck. And they do it well. After all, every female player has advantages over a man:

  • She perceives the game as entertainment, and not as an opportunity to earn money;
  • The woman reacts calmly to the emerging situation;
  • Beautiful ladies have more developed intuition.

Of course, there are fewer professional players among the fair sex. After all, ladies mostly play for fun and interest, and not professionally. Although there are also gambling tournaments among women. Note that women are more likely to want to play online slot machines, as they do not have to feel pressure. The gaming environment is also more relaxed and comfortable.

As you can see, ladies love excitement, and slot machines are not alien to them at all. But only for them, such a game is entertaining and relaxing.

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