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How to watch Instagram stories anonymous

John Tomas (marrontom) on June 11, 2021
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How to watch Instagram stories anonymously?

Everyone loves to spy. And those who have never done this simply did not have a good reason for this. In this post, I'll show you how to watch Instagram Stories and stay unnoticed.

How to watch Instagram stories anonymously?

You can see everyone who views your Instagram Stories. And this is great, since story statistics are of great importance for analyzing the account and the content in it. So you can understand which stories are viewed more, and which ones are cut off by viewing the feed. But, due to various circumstances, sometimes you want to watch the stories of some users, and at the same time, go unnoticed. In this post, I will provide several methods on how to watch Instagram Stories anonymously and also how to stalk someone on instagram 2020.

Method # 1: create a second account

The first way is pretty simple. You can register a second account, fill it with pictures from the Internet, so as not to arouse suspicion and not draw attention to yourself (dummy accounts in story views are immediately striking). And, using the created profile, view the stories of the users you are interested in.

There are a few rules here:

  • If you are spying on Instagram user who has your phone number on Stories, then do not register an account with this number. Otherwise, he will be able to identify you.
  • If you constantly view the stories of the same user, then regularly change your account name, avatar and content in your account. Otherwise, your profile will be noticed, it will become an object of close scrutiny, and, perhaps, they will try to expose you.

Method # 2: service

In fact, this method is even simpler than the previous one. All you need is a browser. Go to the service website, and simply enter the Instagram username whose stories you want to view anonymously. You will see all the stories that the user has published at the moment.

The disadvantage of this method is that the stories are not very convenient to display. Small text or elements in stories can be overlooked.

But, on the other hand, the service allows you to download stories to your device. That way, you can get a good look at any story.

Method # 3: Gramster app

The Gramster app is specially designed to spy on Instagram accounts. Here you can create a list of users whose posts you want to see anonymously, so as not to search for them every time you search. This is nice because you can forget your username. Browsing stories in Gramster is pleasant enough, therefore, if it comes to surveillance from a smartphone, then I recommend this particular application.

Method # 4: Chrome Extension - “Chrome IG Story Plus”

Quite an unpleasant thing, since in my opinion it is incomplete. But nevertheless, with the help of it, you can anonymously watch Instagram stories from your computer. All you need is a Chrome browser. You must install the “Chrome IG Story Plus” extension on it. For those who are not in the know, you can do this through the extension store. Search for the IG Story Plus Chrome extension and click Install. This extension is free.

After installing the extension, the Instagram icon will appear in the menu (if you do not see it, click on the vertical ellipsis), when you click on it, an interface consisting of two windows appears.

Enter your Instagram username in the search box located in the right window. Select the required account from the list and you will see the stories of this user.

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