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Investing in HYIP - is it worth it?

mick Anjelo (micktom) on December 13, 2020
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Widely advertised, rapidly emerging and disappearing HYIP projects (high-yield investment programs) have long been synonymous with pyramid schemes and fraud. Nevertheless, “demand creates supply” - the number of those who want to make a lot of money quickly and without investing much effort and knowledge in the investment process does not decrease.

How to minimize risks?

Investing in HYIPs as form in our time continues and even increases. Unfortunately, statistics indicate the short-term life of such projects (see the graph below), and this does not include openly fraudulent projects (scams) that disappear 10-12 days after the planned amount of money is collected.

But if the story with MMM did not teach you anything, and you nevertheless decided to satisfy the desire for financial risk and “tempt fate” by investing in HYIP projects, then let's consider what an investor needs to know and how to work with HYIPs to protect your investments as much as possible:

  • first of all, never forget that gambling investments in HYIP cannot be a permanent and reliable source of income;
  • the vast majority of HYIPs operate in whole or in part according to the Ponzi investment scheme (pyramid scheme), which provides income to earlier investors at the expense of funds received from investors at later time stages. At the same time, do not be misled by the description of the investment activities of such funds, which declare earnings on investments in the instruments of the real economy, trade in financial and stock markets, sports betting, arbitration;
  • budget planning. Determine a comfortable amount of money that you are ready to invest in HYIP and can afford to lose it without harming your budget. Investments in HYIPs at first should not exceed $ 100-300, do not use borrowed funds and do not reinvest the received profit into the project until you withdraw the entire amount originally invested. Do not forget about the legal insecurity of your investments. You invest on your own initiative at your own peril and risk, do not pay taxes and in case of loss of investment you can only blame yourself;
  • you should make a decision on the contribution of money to a particular HYIP only after a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the business project, preferably based on information obtained from independent sources. Never trust information about the project from its creators, look for reviews of contributors on the Internet , study the ratings, see the data of different monitoring, read the forums discussing the activities of HYIPs, although this information is classified as “conditionally” reliable. For a certain fee, any monitoring project will refer a HYIP project to the "HYIPs that Pay" section, and copywriters on the forums will write that it is the most reliable. It is advisable to form your own personal database of HYIPs and their owners (admins).

Algorithm for choosing a HYIP fund

Choosing the right HYIP fund is the first step on the road to success. What parameters should you pay attention to?

  • First, the quality of the website design is important. The frankly low-quality design of the site suggests that the creator will not be able to attract many investors to his site, which, accordingly, will not ensure the long-term existence of the project;
  • Project lifetime, place and date of domain registration. Information about the start date of the project is very important. We recommend looking for the project opening date on WHOIS services, for example,, Dnsstuff. Through the same systems, at the site address, you can find out the IP, the owner of the IP address, whose IP uses the hosting of the site, and get reliable information about the owner of the site.
  • Conduct a technical analysis of the projects - pay attention to whether the site has DDOS protection, SSL encryption, or a dedicated server. These technical characteristics will help protect the site of the HYIP project from hacker attacks and hacking, leading to theft of deposits and subsequent spam.
  • Check the uniqueness of the script: a unique script costs more than a standard one and makes the project stand out for the better.
  • Look at the size of the referral commission: its rate should not be more than 10%.
  • Communication with the project administration. Its presence indicates the seriousness of the project.
  • Site traffic statistics - low traffic indicates that the project is unlikely to live long.
  • Check the adequacy of the plans. For different types of projects, the rate of interest is different. For example, for fast-hype, the rate varies within 102-105. If we are talking about an hourly plan, then the average rate is 1- 5%, calculated for 24 hours.

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