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2014 Contest Dashboard Tool--VE1ZA

Anthony Ratajczak (VE1ZA) on November 10, 2013
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2014 Contest Dashboard Tool

To all contesters,

This MS Excel spreadsheet will help you plan and keep track of your 2014 contests.Its origin is based on the WA7BNM contest list and the Maritime Contest Club, Acadia New Scotland (ANS) Contest Tracker by VE1ZA.

The purpose of the tool is to; plan your yearly the contest campaign, track performance and measure improvements in your contesting skills with respect to whatever type of contesting you wish to do. You can also model expected performance to see if you will achieve your goals.

It is intended for the serious contester who wants to win a particular group of contests, or mode; or achieve the next level in operating skill. It is also a useful tool for the novice contester who just wants to track skill improvement over time.

The sheet has several filtering options that enables you to sort by the type of contesting you like to do, for example, if you like QRP contests, the filtering will sort all the QRP contests for the year.Similarly if you want to do all the DARC or CQ contests, you can filter for those as well.Same goes for QSO parties, RTTY, DIGI, or 160m contests.

I kept the spreadsheet as simple as possible (even used older MS Excel!!) due to a wide variety of MS Excel versions and skills, obviously many more functions and programming can be incorporated.If you do modify it, please acknowledge the original source for the idea.

The monthly contest performance graphs are particularly interesting to view over 6 months, with respect to contesting skill or station improvements.

The spreadsheet is located here, and I hope it adds to your contest planning and enjoyment!

VE1ZA 2014 Contest Dashboard

PS there is sample data within the sheet used to check formulas that must be removed.


Tony VE1ZA

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2014 Contest Dashboard Tool--VE1ZA Reply
by AF4RK on February 17, 2014 Mail this to a friend!
Very nice! I saved it on my desktop
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