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SO2R - advice needed!

John Ferrington (vk6hz) on October 5, 2009
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I am planning to attempt SO2R in the upcoming CQWW SSB contest and am seeking advise from anyone who has experience in operating SO2R.

I plan to use my beam on the main radio and a vertical on the 2nd radio, some advise I read here a few days ago!

My 2nd radio wont have an amp and I plan to mainly use it to check propagation and maybe the odd mult.

Can anyone offer any advise on the best way of using the 2nd radio to gain a better score??

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SO2R - advice needed! Reply
by OH6LI on October 7, 2009 Mail this to a friend!
VK6 is a very welcome call area into any competition.

To gain from the 2nd radio is no magic.
It seems you have the right idea about it already.

The expectation level is correct. Check if some band has any activity/signals or if possible, get some QSOs on the 2nd radio.

But you need to operate somewhat with the 2 radio setup so you will become familiar with all the knobs you really need.

The only thing I think you need is to have some hours using the 2nd radio while you listen around or work some QSOs on the 'main' radio.

Then improve.

All the best and hear you in the contest,
Jukka OH6LI
SO2R - advice needed! Reply
by KZ5A on July 5, 2010 Mail this to a friend!
The best way to use a second radio to improve your score is to sell it and use the money to upgrade your antennas.

73 Jack KZ5A
RE: SO2R - advice needed! Reply
by n6ajr on August 16, 2010 Mail this to a friend!
You are limited to 100 watts unless you just want to log a check file. I use 2 I.C.E. model 419 filters to isolate my radios. enjoy
RE: SO2R - advice needed! Reply
by n1ye on January 13, 2011 Mail this to a friend!
In the first hours, don't even worry about the second radio. Concentrate with your best radio on getting your QSO rate up as high as you can.

The seond radio is useful in the slower times when most everyone is a dupe and the qso rate has dropped.

If you are running (calling CQ Contest) but few are answering, the second radio can be used to tune to others who are calling CQ and you can work them.

If you are Searching and Pouncing, the second radio is useful to monitor a different band, especially at the transisition times, like in the evening when you are on 20M but waiting for others to migrate to 40 as it gets dark.

One caution...Don't even think about using them both on the same band at the same time unless your station has additional receiver blanking to protect the front ends. It only takes one careless transmission to blow a perfectly good unprotected transceiver.

Good Luck! Have lots of fun!
SO2R - advice needed! Reply
by MarkAlmont on March 15, 2021 Mail this to a friend!
this is very interesting
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