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Henry Reflector FAQ

Henry is a reflector devoted to the discussion of Henry Amplifiers. This reflector was created to accommodate ham radio operators and professionals interested in this subject.

This reflector's archives are available on the WWW at


This reflector is devoted the discussion of Henry RF Power Amplifiers. A discussion of amplifiers, high power amplifier parts,  and general amplifier features would be appropriate.   However, discussing anything not related to Henry Amplifiers and RF power would not.  For sale items are OK as long as they are amplifier related, but don't forget to also post on the newsgroup.

Operating Practices

Electronic mail is different from packet radio, in that many subscribers receive their E-mail through commercial services such as CompuServe and MCImail. In order to minimize spurious messages, please follow the operating hints detailed below:

  • Put your name, callsign and e-mail address on every message you send. We don't all know everyone by just a callsign, nickname or Internet address. Furthermore, not everyone's e-mail software lets you see all the headers of the message, so it's sometimes difficult to reply to an individual posting without knowing the sender's address.
  • Use a subject line that indicates the true subject of your message.
  • Eschew flamage. If someone sends a flame to the list and you can't bite your tongue, send your flaming reply directly back to the flaming individual, not back to the list. No one wants to read these messages (the original flame + your reply). Treat flamers the way you would 2-meter repeater jammers - ignore them. A bully may be put in his place by the list owner.
  • Make sure there is something of value in each message you send to the list. Avoid messages that are a complete reprint of someone else's message, with nothing but "I agree" or "Me too" added to the bottom -- not much value there.
  • Some people pay by the byte, so when following up to someone else's message, be sure to include only the essential pieces or thread of the note. Don't include those 20 extra header lines that your mail gateway tacked onto the original message.
  • If you are going to make a personal reply, make sure to remove henry from the header of your outgoing mail message. Otherwise, everyone else on the list is going to see your personal message.

What is taboo?

  • Personal attacks.
  • Off subject posts. You might think that 90% of the people on this list are interested in hearing that 160 meters is open for the first time ever from the east coast to VU2, but it is not the topic of this list. 
  • Personal mail - Thanking someone or the group for help should be done in personal mail and not sent to the entire list.  When responding to a question posted to the list, your reply should be of benefit to the list as a whole.  If the response is of benefit to only the person asking the question, then respond to only that person.
  • Meta-discussion about the Henry mailing list. These should be conducted in private with Dan Magro ([email protected]).

Henry Amplifiers and Related Equipment Sources including: amplifiers, transmitting tubes, BIRD wattmeters, Landwehr preamps, Tohtsu coaxial relays, high power amplifier parts.

Henry amplifiers for less (manufacturers rep & distributor for Henry Amplifiers)

Henry Radio, making the finest RF Power Amplifiers since 1962! Still Henry family owned and operated.

To Subscribe:

Send a message with the words 'subscribe henry' only in the body of a message addressed to [email protected]. If your initial subscribe attempt was successful, you will receive an information message back automatically asking you to follow instructions confirming your subscribe request. Follow those instructions to complete the request. If you have problems getting added to the list, please email the list owner ([email protected])

To Unsubscribe:

Send a message with the words 'unsubscribe henry' only in the body of a message addressed to [email protected]. If your initial unsubscribe request was successful, you will receive an information message back automatically asking you to follow instructions for completing your unsubscribe request. Follow these instructions to complete your request. If you have problems getting removed from the list, please email the list owner ([email protected])

To Post:

To post a message to the reflector, simply address your message to [email protected]. Your message will be redistributed to all other members of the list.