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What preparation do you do?
30 Contesting Tips
Contesting News See More Contesting News!
The Spurious Emissions Band at Dayton (2017)
The Pin One Problem, Live at the Visalia Contest Dinner (2017)
RSGB ROtating LOcators Contests
Maine 2 Meter FM Simplex Challenge
New contest: UKEICC
2016 Montana QSO Party
Winter Field Day
Announcing the new UKSMG Winter Marathon
Articles More Articles
Reflections on the ~2005~ CQWWW Contest
A fantasy look at one possible look at the future of contesting.
DXLog Contest Software
Henryki, SM0JHF visits SN0HQ during the IARU contest
A Visit With S57DX
Henryk - SM0JHF at the shack of S57DX
Montenegro landmark
A visit with Ranko, 4O3A
Slovak Contest Group
Henryk - SM0JHF visits OM8A
The Paper log, SO2R and SDR generations
CT1BOH shares his views of three contest generations.
The Dozen Dashes Contest Radioclub in Slovakia by Henryk Kotowski (SM0JHF) Full list of the best Canadian online casinos rooms that guarantee accurate payouts every time.
A visit with Tibor, HA7TM
Join Henryk Kotowski, SM0JHF, on a tour of HA7TM
Let's meet SP7VC! By Henryk SM0JHF
OM7M - Low Bands Contest Club
A tour of OM7M - presented by Henryk SM0JHF
SO2R - advice needed!
I am seeking advise from anyone who has experience in operating SO2R.
When is the contest over?
An editorial by K5ZD.
Let's Meet SP4Z
SP5ZCC also known as SN5Z
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Do you plan to enter the CQ WW DX Contest?
[68 votes since 2021-10-27]
  Yes, SSB only
  Yes, CW only
  Yes, both modes
WA7BNM Contest Calendar WA7BNM Calendar Home
K1USN Slow Speed TestDec 4
ICWC Medium Speed TestDec 4
OK1WC Memorial (MWC)Dec 4
ICWC Medium Speed TestDec 4
Worldwide Sideband Activity ContestDec 5
ARS Spartan SprintDec 5
ICWC Medium Speed TestDec 5
QRP Fox HuntDec 6
Phone Weekly TestDec 6
A1Club AWTDec 6
CWops Test (CWT)Dec 6
VHF-UHF FT8 Activity ContestDec 6
Mini-Test 40Dec 6
Mini-Test 80Dec 6
CWops Test (CWT)Dec 6
QRP ARCI Topband SprintDec 7
Walk for the Bacon QRP ContestDec 7-8
CWops Test (CWT)Dec 7
CWops Test (CWT)Dec 7
NRAU 10m Activity ContestDec 7
SKCC Sprint EuropeDec 7
NCCC FT4 SprintDec 8
NCCC RTTY SprintDec 8
QRP Fox HuntDec 8
NCCC SprintDec 8
K1USN Slow Speed TestDec 8
ARRL 10-Meter ContestDec 9-10
PODXS 070 Club Triple Play Low Band SprintDec 9-11
TRC Digi ContestDec 9-10
SKCC Weekend SprintathonDec 9-10
ARI 40/80 ContestDec 9-10
International Naval ContestDec 9-10
QRP ARCI Holiday Spirits SprintDec 10
K1USN Slow Speed TestDec 11
4 States QRP Group Second Sunday SprintDec 11
ICWC Medium Speed TestDec 11
OK1WC Memorial (MWC)Dec 11
ICWC Medium Speed TestDec 11
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2017 Dayton Contest Forum DL1MGB
DL1MGB President of WRTC-2018 Organizing Committee DL1MGB

2017 NCCC Awards Banquet WC6H & WX5S

2017 Visalia Contest Dinner N5KO, N2IC, W5OV, K1DG

2017 Visalia International DX Convention K7JA, N2IC, NP4G

Speakout View More Topics
A post-contest accuracy report for cluster spotting?
Operating with spotting assistance is not for everyone, but for those who use it, what do you think about there being a published "accuracy" report for spots made during contests?
Spotlight N5QQ and N5RZ at work
N5QQ and N5RZ at work N5QQ and N5RZ survey the new homwbrew 48 ft boom 6L 15m yagi at K5MR.

Strays Gday, pass us a stray!
The mome rath isn't born that could outgrabe me. (Nicol Williamson, based on Jabberwocky)
Stations LZ9W M/M CQWW CW 2004
LZ9W  M/M CQWW CW 2004 LZ9W Mult stn antenna - X7 under moonlight

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ows repair 4.0
ows repair 4.0
Find The Best Aquarium Heater | Aquarium Desire 5.0
GPS tracking system qatar 5.0

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