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Contesting Online Survey Home | All Survey Questions

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Survey Date Survey Question
August 22, 2000 What is more exciting?
August 18, 2000 What is your favourite Amateur Radio mode of operation?
November 15, 2000 There are so many aspects of contesting that get us to come back every year, but once you've sat down and launched into the contest, what's your favorite part?
October 21, 2000 What are your plans for CQWW SSB?
August 4, 2000 What best describes your operating habits outside of contests?
June 21, 2000 Will you be attending WRTC-2000 in person?
August 22, 2000 Do you keep a log of all your HF work?
June 14, 2000 Did you make any QSO's in the 2000 WPX CW contest?
July 20, 2000 Should the ARRL and CQ WW dx contests add a limited antenna category such as the Tribander/Single category in the CQ WPX contest?
June 21, 2000 Do you send QSL's for contest QSO's?
March 4, 2000 What is your favorite DX contest?
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