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Contesting Online Survey Home | All Survey Questions

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Survey Date Survey Question
November 8, 2001 Do you feel that amateur radio operators should be required to keep a log of all their QSO's?
July 30, 2001 Would you have learned CW even if it wasn't required to get HF privileges?
June 10, 2001 What's the average boom length of your contest beams? (Comments encouraged.)
July 19, 2001 What is the most major station improvement or work you plan (or hope) to perform this year?
March 9, 2001 The current 42 hour format of the CQ 160 Contests do not allow all areas of the world two full darkness periods. Also, there is no operating time limit which requires serious contestants to CQ at very low response rates during daylight hours making the contest both boring and tiring. If the contest format could be changed, which of the following options do you prefer?
March 5, 2001 What factor had the biggest impact on your ARRL DX SSB score?
February 23, 2001 CW contesters: What radio do you use to contest on HF CW?
June 29, 2001 What coax connectors do you generally use for outside antenna connections?
March 25, 2001 What kind of contest radio(s) do you think you will own in 10 years?
February 11, 2001 On average, how many contest logs do you submit in a year?
May 28, 2001 What is your favorite HF band?
May 7, 2001 Do you include an SASE with your QSL card?
February 5, 2001 How would you describe the level of intentional harassment and interference from non-contesters?
December 27, 2000 What amateur radio toy DID Santa put under your tree?
April 29, 2001 How'd you come upon operating your first contest?
December 21, 2000 What amateur radio toy are you hoping that Santa will put under your tree?
January 7, 2001 What best describes your contest hamshack?
January 21, 2001 Should more contests have power limits, or at least give more bonus points for the use of lower power stations, i.e. 200 watts or less?
November 26, 2000 CQ WW CW is over--despite the major solar disturbance this weekend, how do you think you did?
December 18, 2000 What kind of post-contest log massaging do you do the most?
July 11, 2001 How high up a tower have you climbed?
November 8, 2000 How many hours do you spend preparing for a contest?
April 8, 2001 What is your definition of success in contesting?
October 29, 2000 CQWW SSB 2000 is over--how do you think you did?
September 24, 2000 Present log checking procedures in CQ contests remove 3 additional QSOs as a penalty for each error found by log checkers. What would you prefer to see:
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