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Contesting Online Survey Home | All Survey Questions

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Survey Date Survey Question
May 27, 2002 Should the assisted category be removed?
April 21, 2002 As a participant, and a winner, other than a plaque, are Certificates of Merit, given by most contest sponsors, important to you?
June 10, 2002 Do you use non-English phrases during contests?
April 6, 2002 What contest band has caused you to try several different antennas before you found something that works well for you? (Comments encouraged.)
February 13, 2002 In the latest QST K1ZZ comments that "survey after survey has shown that contesting results are the least read item in QST". Have you seen any survey asking what you read in QST?
March 21, 2002 Are you against or in favor of the establishment of separate categories for SO2R (single-operator/two radio) operations?
March 21, 2002 What's you favourite snack during a contest?
February 3, 2002 The contest is over. How long do you wait to email your electronic logs?
February 24, 2002 You've just worked someone (any mode) and after the QSO, you realize you've screwed up his exchange. Generally, you...
January 20, 2002 When operating a CW contest, you come upon a station sending very fast (QRQ) - faster than you are comfortable with. Generally, you...
May 10, 2002 How did you get started in Contesting?
December 27, 2001 The CQ 160 Contests currently use a DX exchange which consists of RST + country abbreviation. The latter is redundant with the callsign and is sometimes confusing since some operators use abbreviations and some use prefixes (e.g. "ER" can be European Russia or it can be Moldova). Starting with the 2003 running of the contest, the CQ 160 Committee is considering changing the DX exchange ONLY and would like your input. Remember that you must correctly copy this exchange through heavy QRM, QSB and QRN and it should be easily recognizable for casual contest participants that haven't read the latest rules.                NOTE: CQ does NOT intend to change the character or record comparability of the most successful worldwide 160 contest (e.g. change the scoring based on Grid Square distance like the Stew Perry).
December 15, 2001 If you could have any feature or improvement added to your main contesting rig what would that be?
November 25, 2001 CQWW CW is over. How did you do?
December 4, 2001 You're organizing a Multi-Multi entry -- keeping 6 bands covered for 48 hours. How many operators do you think are needed, and why ?
November 9, 2001 How would you react to an ARRL Sweepstakes that was 6 hours shorter?
October 28, 2001 CQCWW SSB 2001 is over. How did you do?
January 8, 2002 Have you ever operated a DXpedition (or from a country outside your own) during a contest?
October 16, 2001 What is the Contester's age?
August 6, 2001 How do you feel about log checking in major contests?
September 17, 2001 What do you do most often to keep your code speed up between contests?
September 30, 2001 On what band do you feel you need to make the most improvement? Comments please...
August 20, 2001 If you've purchased a NEW radio for HF contesting in the last two years, was it:
September 2, 2001 In addition to your main antenna, what type of antenna would be best for a second radio/spotting antenna? (Comments encouraged.)
June 22, 2001 What is the more convenient or appropriate date for DX Contestvention East? (See announcement on Contesting reflector.)
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