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Contesting Online Survey Home | All Survey Questions

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Survey Date Survey Question
October 1, 2007 Do you believe that "remote control" of a station should be valid in the SO Unassisted Category of contests?
May 31, 2007 Do you favor moving to a single standardized "club circle" dimension for all contests that have a club competition?
May 1, 2007 Do you plan to upgrade and/or modify your station this summer?
April 1, 2007 The ARRL invites members and non-members to participate in its contests but the log checking reports (LCRs) on which the results have been adjudicated are available only to ARRL members. Do you agree with this ARRL policy?
April 2, 2013 If there was a 24 hour category in the CQWW DX and ARRL DX contests where you could choose your hours of participate and the time-off interval was no less than 30 minutes would you enter this category?
January 31, 2007 Do you think 1x1 and 2x1 calls give their users a competitive advantage in major contests?
January 1, 2007 If during a contest QSO the other station gives you the frequency of a needed multiple should you be required to enter the 'assisted' category even though until then you operated 'unassisted'?
November 1, 2006 The CQ WW Contest Committee is discussing whether use of real-time contest scoreboards is likely to convey information about band openings and profitable tactics to an extent that participants using the scoreboards should be categorized as assisted. Do you think users of real-time contest scoreboards should be categorized as assisted?
January 1, 2007 How many years have you been participating in contests?
October 1, 2006 Assume you have a contest station on an average city lot composed of a triband antenna on a 50-60' tower, wire antennas and/or you are using the tower as a vertical on the lower bands and a good 100w transceiver. If you wanted to upgrade your station with a $1000 budget to be more competitive in the low power class would you
September 1, 2007 Should a "Tribander/Single Wire" category (like the one used in WPX) be an available category in CQWW, ARRL DX, and SS?
August 31, 2006 You are given $5000 and the task to build a modest but effective contest station on an "average city lot". How would you allocate the funds between inside and outside? Elaborate if you wish.
August 31, 2006 Should SO2R be a different class of contest operation than SO1R?
July 12, 2006 Summer is here and we are nearly at the bottom of the sunspot cycle. Over the summer the changes I will be making to my station will be
June 1, 2006 Monoband antennas or Multi-band antennas? What do you use?
July 1, 2006 Summer is here and we are nearly at the bottom of the sunspot cycle. Over the next couple of months the changes I will make to my station will be
May 1, 2006 My Main contesting rig is
May 1, 2006 The 2006 CQ WPX SSB contest is over and the results for 2005 have not been made public on the Web. When a sponsor does not make the line scores of a contest publicly available on the Web before the next running of the event I feel
March 1, 2006 How was 160m propagation at your QTH this contest season compared to last year?
January 31, 2006 Do you confirm QSL cards sent to you for contest QSOs?
September 1, 2004 Do you think that the CQWW could help attract new contesters if they added a triband single element category as suggested in OH3BU's recent article (
July 1, 2004 If you operate single operator in the major DX contest (ARRL or CQ), how many hours do you put in? Is the number of hours less or more than a few years ago?
March 31, 2004 If the NCJ's North American Sprint or a contest with exactly the same format were to run more often than every six months a year, would you participate?
March 31, 2004 Do away with the high power category in domestic contests like Sprint, ARRL Sweepstakes and RAC contest?
February 29, 2004 If you are running contacts during a contest and an operator asks you to move farther away from a net frequency because there is an emergency communication taking place that you are interfering with would you:
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