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Recently the RDXC committee reclassified P3F to high power from low power without publicly providing strong evidence that any infraction had occurred. They concluded was that the contestant was running HP on 80/40m but not full-time, just 10 minutes here and there without any convincing evidence. It appears they used the RBN as their source of information. Should the RXDC contest have to publicly provide convincing evidence before reclassifying a station from LP to HP?

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Randy, K5ZD, wrote a sidebar titled " Convergence and Change" in the 2015 CQWW CW printed results in CQ magazine. He wrote that the "convergence of personal computers, Internet access, DX clusters, and CW Skimmer have changed the nature of CW contesting". He goes to say that it is "more difficult to police the line between the single operator working alone and those who are using the assistance of DX spotting." In light of this convergence and change is it time to recombine SO and SOA into a single category?

What's your primary Software for HF Contests ? ( no VHF/UHF ! )

Are you ready the this year's winter contest season

What ways have you found to be effective to attract newcomers to our hobby?

What is your linear?

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CQWW SSB 2002 is finished. How did you do?
  Posted: Oct 27, 2002   (779 votes, 20 comments) by K7UQT

Survey Results
Better than expected. 26% (203)
Worse than anticipated. 22% (175)
I'm satisfied with my score. 32% (247)
Didn't operate. 20% (154)

Survey Comments
Simply the best contest I have ever been associated with. The propagation Gods Shined on Curacao this weekend. The team of NW0L, WB9Z and AE9B was our first time competing together. The equipment worked flawlessly (although we were very nervous at the start), the USA operators were out in force and it seeemd that every antenna was pointed directly at us. Working Rate is one thing... But working Rate for hours and hours and hours was exhausting. We began the contest on an 8 hour on 4 hour off schedule but had to change to 2 hours on and 1 hour off after the first day. This kept a fresh operator in the seat all the time. And believe me.. a fresh operator is much more efficient than a tired one. With only 3 operators in the Multi 2 category we spent every off hour resting (trust me). Over 12,500 QSO's in 48 hours for 3 operators is more than I could have dreamed for. Thanks for ALL the QSO's.
Tom Baugh AE9B

Posted by ae9b on March 19, 2003

TA2BK & CQ WW SSB 2002
We were on the air for the memory of Bahri KACAN (SK), TA2BK in CQ WW SSB 2002. We miss him... 73&88, TA2BK is on the air-Team 1 (TA3YJ, TA1BM, TA3AK, TA2IB, TA1EJ) & TA2BK is on the air-Team 2 (TA3J, TA1ED, TA1DX, TA1E/0) & TA2BK is on the air-Team 3 (TA1GS, TA2LJ, TA1EM, TA1EQ)

Posted by TA3J on November 18, 2002

need ops !
I operated SOSB 20 HP from Lampedusa Island, 4K QSOs... but I was very tired after 5 days I worked to put up a tower and antennas and so I slept during the contest. Could reach 5000 QSOs with a fresh operator !
I think we need some help or sponsorship by an ham radio company for building a fixed Multi Op station in those islands of the mediterranean sea. In fact, we cannot rebuild a field day multi op station everytime expecially with bad winter weather.
Is there somebody interested in a winning QTH ? It is not possible to waste a multiplier QTH (for the CW contests for example) with few SOSB operations. IG9 must be activated in all bands. We need few equipments only... first two rotators and a good multi band antenna.
Please contact me if you are interested:

Posted by it9gsf on November 9, 2002

CQ WW 2002 SSB
Just a wonderful contest! I'm on HF since December 2001, thus that was my first CQ WW. I was running only 100 Watts into 80m-thru-10m vertical antenna (no 160m). The very most of contest I ran in S&P mode. There were many surprising moments, e.g. ZL7C on 20 mtrs. with no QRN, no QRM - just like a local station. The final score was 803 QSOs and more than 400.000 pts. The number of DXCC countries worked was 104 including 20 new ones. Really amazing way of getting them. I'm sure I'll be back in the contest next year.

Posted by OK1CYC on November 7, 2002

CQ WW 2002 SSB
I've been a ham for less than a year and didn't find out that my microphone worked until July.

This was my first phone contest. I have a little handicap in that I'm on the West Coast, have a hill right behind me to the North, run only 100 watts on 40 thru 10, and only a vertical antenna due to CC&R restrictions. Nonetheless, I made 195 QSO's, all in the Western Hemisphere and Oceania, and Japan. Fron this vantage point and with that antenna, I did not hear a EU or AF station during the contest.

I had fun and I'll be back!

Randy W6SJ

Posted by w6sj on November 5, 2002

CQ WW 2002 SSB
Started the contest poorly when my SB-220 got accidentally dropped. Found out after the contest that the smoke (!!) came from a coil jammed up against the chassis and a couple of resistors. Anyway, pirated VE3RZ's amp for parts (He was with TI5N - tough life.) to get another amp working. We had a full size 40-meter beam with a broken rotor pointed at Europe and a TH-7 up 100 feet and an Explorer on another tower. The station is at VA3SK's inlaws farm in North Bay. We got 2" of snow Friday night. Worked more mults (thanks VA3GGF and VA3PC) and less qsos than last year despite the human CQ machine BD4RR who is working in Canada and Mike VA3MW. Had a great time. See everyone for CQ WW 2002 CW. 73 Peter VE3HG

Posted by VE3HG on November 4, 2002

CQWW 2002SSB 40m
I like EA9LZ comments on 40m. 40m in SE asia behaves like a CB band, and operating so close here in VK8 also has its problems. QRM is usually S8 all the time, but with a big array (2 element broadside) makes life easier. I experienced a G station calling on top of me - he DIDN't get zone 29 on 40m.

All-up fanstastic conditions, blitzed my year 2000 effort in the first 4 hours !!
David VK8AA (also VK2CZ when in Sydney)

Posted by vk2cz on November 4, 2002

I was try to breake the record world on 40mtrs, was not possible, saturday nigth was very poor, but I do 2200 qso,s.
I do not understand how the operators from east country, preference 9A8M, LY7A, are doing only Qrm, they are coming to my freq, no 2 or 3 up or down just on my freq, and star calling CQ, but they calling CQ, when I am asking for any call or says repeat your call.
My question, are they enjoy in the contest? or maybe they enjoy breaking you, your effors to be winner and get a new record.
or maybe they want fuck you because they are using 4kw and 4 elements.
I am sorry but I donot understand, I like enjoy, but what they want?

Posted by EA9LZ on November 1, 2002

CQ WW 2002 SSB
W7RG and I attempted a fun M/S (two radios and sleep). The conditions made this contest torture in what was nevertheless a semi-serious effort. Highlight was hearing that the 80M beverages worked and working 9K9X on 40LP. Otherwise the fun came in just working anyone.

Posted by W7VJ on October 30, 2002

cqww ssb 2002
Decided to go on 10, 20 and 40 this year. Was handicapped by a dreadful cold so the brain not in gear half the time and had to resort to putting the simplest of messages on the voice recorder as lost my voice on Saturday night and then the gales came and lost my 10m antenna!
worked 741 qsos but with only dipoles and 300w they were a struggle. Never heard a ZL and only heard and wked 1 VK. The worst thing is the signal levels of the Europeans on 40m - wall to wall 40 over 9 and everyone seemed to be calling cq but noone seemed to be working anyone. RX selectivity has to be very good with this sort of signal level which suggests why do operators wind up the processors and amplifiers? it doesnt help the qrm levels. Still the best contest going! Maurice G3ZXD

Posted by G3ZXD on October 30, 2002

CQ WW 2002 SSB
First time for us to take part in this huge contest under LX7DX. We did put up a modest station with just some simple wire antennas, but even these lightweight antennas didn't make it thru the terrible storm which raged over W-Europe. We are satisfied with the 1,550 QSO's (1,200,000 points) we made, but we realise the nice callsign helped to make these extra contacts. I think it's a challenge to take ur gear and move to another country to take part in a contest. You always forget to bring stuff and when things break down, u can't search for it in ur junkbox at home.
It had made a lot of fun, thanks to all who contacted us.

73, Martin PA1MW / LX7DX

Posted by PA1MW on October 30, 2002

Operated on 10M for about 2 hours and had 256 QSO's. Wanted to give out the "VE4" for the other contesters.

I hope 10M is just as good for the Sweeps and the 10M Contest.

Look for me on SSB for those 2.

I WILL be operating the MAXIMUM time for both!


Mike, VE4MM

Posted by ve4mm on October 29, 2002

CQ WW 2002 SSB
I was operating as G4F SOSB (10M) and found the band in terrific shape with some extremely stong signals. However, the wx here in the UK took it's toll. Storm force winds in excess of 90mph roared across the Country on Sunday morning. My property suffered some structural damage, but the antennas survived. Like most of the UK amateur community, my antennas were lowered to 25ft and I continued to operate the best I could. A great deal of time was lost, so my 1600 QSO's were hard fought!
73 David G4DHF

Posted by G4DHF on October 29, 2002

CQ WW 2002 SSB
A new personal best for me. 652 Q's and I had to quit sunday morning. 40m was tough, 80 was better, but WOW, how about that 10m band, eh? I camped out on 10 for almost all of saturday. I can't believe we were stacked up to 28.900Mhz and they were still shoulder to shoulder.Had to turn off the amp from the mismatch.

Can't wait till february for the ARRL CONTEST.

73 de WD8X

Posted by wd8x on October 29, 2002

This was my first contest after a 10 year "hiatus" from ham radio. About 2 weeks before, I set up my FT-107M and a 40-10M Windom at 20feet & figured "let's see what happens". Despite having to be at a professional association conference for the morning and afternoon of Saturday, I managed to log 315 Q's for a total of over 207K points! In all the past contests, I've never even come close to that score.

Posted by NG1J on October 28, 2002

I got home Friday around 6, not really wanting to do much, and decided to see what I could do in a couple hours. Best TXing I've done in quite a while! In fact I ended up staying on the rig for most of the weekend. 15 and 10 meters was booming, much better than I had expected it to be!

Posted by ti2dll on October 28, 2002

CQ WW SSB 2002
I work and now live 200 miles from my shack/rig so had to drive down for the test. My motivation was to "have fun" and not make this a serious operation. That I did! The best time was Saturday evening on 15 meters. I found a clear frequency and started running JA's and other Asians. When I quit 1 1/2 hours later, I worked almost 300 Q's in that period of time! This was my best effort from here.
Even with only about 22 hours of operation, I broke 1 million points. I had a grand total of 15 contacts on 160/80 so few mults there. Overall, it was fun and I did do much better than originally expected.
73 Jim K9JF (/7)
Washington State

Posted by K9JF on October 28, 2002

We just moved down to a new home in a C&CR project Florida from New York. I stapled a 100' wire loop to the roof and fed it with open wire. I used white wire so that it matched the house and roof. No one has even noticed far. I worked 196 stations on all continents and even worked FR5DX in a pile up! I had a blast! It goes to show that anything will radiate.

Posted by N2UM on October 28, 2002

CQ WW SSB 2002
I have been participating in this contest
almost each year since 1995.
Every year is a different experience, due to the changes of propagation.
What a joy is now 10 m. band, it is so wide
that benefits the whole contest, because there is room for everybody and each OM can find a free freq.
This year I have been lucky because every time time I got a free freq. and I shouted
CONTEST! almost inmediattly a pile-up was formed.
More contacts than never!
I enjoyed a lot. Vy 73 EA6LP.

Posted by ea6lp on October 28, 2002

CQ WW 2002 SSB
Couldn't understand why my XYL was suddenly complaining of TVI & RFI problems... until the finals in the liner failed at 2300 Z on Sunday. When they went, they made sure they got noticed -- she sure did!

Otherwise, had a great time. Only 245 QSO's, but those sandwiched around family events; watching my 6 year old & her Brownie troop proudly march in the Halloween was worth another 100 QSO's (and considering the time that involved away from the radio, that's probably about right! )

73, ron wn3vaw

Posted by WN3VAW on October 27, 2002

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