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Contesting Online Survey

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Recently the RDXC committee reclassified P3F to high power from low power without publicly providing strong evidence that any infraction had occurred. They concluded was that the contestant was running HP on 80/40m but not full-time, just 10 minutes here and there without any convincing evidence. It appears they used the RBN as their source of information. Should the RXDC contest have to publicly provide convincing evidence before reclassifying a station from LP to HP?

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Randy, K5ZD, wrote a sidebar titled " Convergence and Change" in the 2015 CQWW CW printed results in CQ magazine. He wrote that the "convergence of personal computers, Internet access, DX clusters, and CW Skimmer have changed the nature of CW contesting". He goes to say that it is "more difficult to police the line between the single operator working alone and those who are using the assistance of DX spotting." In light of this convergence and change is it time to recombine SO and SOA into a single category?

What's your primary Software for HF Contests ? ( no VHF/UHF ! )

Are you ready the this year's winter contest season

What ways have you found to be effective to attract newcomers to our hobby?

What is your linear?

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What kind of contest radio(s) do you think you will own in 10 years?
  Posted: Mar 25, 2001   (701 votes, 15 comments) by n6tr

Survey Results
A black box with an SO-239 and a USB connector. 40% (281)
The latest competition grade radio from Yaecomwood. 33% (234)
My trusty Omni-VII. 10% (72)
QRP kit radio. 5% (34)
Do you know where I can buy some 6JB6's? 4% (29)
Contesting will be dead in 10 years. 7% (51)

Survey Comments
What ever it ends up being....
Whatever it ends up being - it certainly will be offered by Ten-Tec! The Yaecomwood
group have never matched Ten-Tec's RX performance - and probably never will.

Posted by Anonymous on April 5, 2001

Mfgs out of touch II
Still use USB for control in ten years? I hope not, Fibre Ethernet is far better. I agree the mfg.’s are out of touch, but the other way. They still only want to build radios jammed with knobs and buttons. Give me less (or no) buttons/knobs and a lot more real DSP and a truly useful graphic user interface, (please no more pictures of radios on the computer screen). Today's amateur radios barely scratch the surface of what is already possible with existing and inexpensive technology. Absolutely make sure that the RF front end is solid, and the TX is clean, but let go of the tired concepts of how we interact with our “radios”. So far all of the Yaecomwood DSP offerings have been an exercise of stuffing DSP into the same old radio design paradigm. It would be more productive to make a RF signal processing system that functions as a radio, something that both Kachina and Ten Tec have come much closer to achieving.

Posted by Anonymous on April 4, 2001

More than likely, still using my SB220 and Kenwood TS440SAT.

Hard to kill a solid combination for uselessness, ya know?

Posted by Anonymous on April 3, 2001

Mfgs out of touch.
Looks like more graduates of digital elctronics university are affecting designs of todays and tomorrow's radios. We see influx of megamemories and useless "features", while front end and RF performance is deteriorating. TX signals are getting worse, clickses and spikes rule. Good DSP in audio helps, mediocre RF DSP and detection sucks. You just can't make up for good rock proof front end and brute force high quality IF filters. Rest is just mostly useless bells and whistles. Looks like I will keep my modified Drakes, IC781, FT1000D and Omni VI+ for long time to come.
Gimme my 6JB6s :-)

Posted by Anonymous on March 31, 2001

2011 Contest Radio
I think my 2002 Contest Radio will be a card installed in my PC to support an external RF module. All interfacing will be done through the computer.

Posted by Anonymous on March 31, 2001

I think that black box will come from one of those JA companies. It just needs a dial knob, frequency display, jack for my keyer and very few additional knobs.

If they then put a decent frontend into it plus some filters (no matter if dsp or crystal - if I can hear what I want to hear and only that)

This would be a perfect contesting radio - easy to use, pnp computer control and excellent hf properties.

Posted by DL1EFD on March 30, 2001

More Choices
I selected "The latest competition grade radio from Yaecomwood" because is the one nearest but more choices are needed.

Must of this surveys deal with Radios, but in my opinion radios are the least important factor in contesting, a good operator and a good antenna system are more important that radios, the best Yaecomwood into a dummy load will get my no were, while an old Yaesu FT-101E into a great antenna system can put me in the top 10 on any contest.

I would probably be running a 4 or 5 years old radio into the best antenna system that I can afford and install.
73/DX from Jose M. Valdes R. YV5LIX
50 MHz The Ultimate DX Band.
Six Club: 864
eQSL Advisory Board Member

Posted by YV5LIX on March 29, 2001

Contest Rigs
I agree with "anonymous" that newer rigs have more features but aren't necessarily better. There's an awful lot of TS-930's in use out there. My FT-1000D is getting long in the tooth, but represents a modern radio. Frankly, the receiver isn't as good as my TS-830S (with Inrad filters installed). Maybe the K2 with the 100 watt PA will catch the attention of the Y/I/C design engineers.

Posted by Anonymous on March 29, 2001

Not enough choices
As seems to be the case with most of these surveys, there aren't enough of the right choices listed. I expect to be running a 5-10-year-old Yaesucomwood (or 2), so that I can spend more money on antennas. Hopefully, I will profit from the urge of others to have the latest and greatest and get a good deal on the "quite good enough, thanks."

Posted by N4ZR on March 28, 2001

Self-fulfilling prophecies
You get what you wish for. If we talk like the manufacturers are going away, they will. Contesting depends on Y, I and K. I will continue to spend my money with them, planning for those critical companies to be around in 10 years.

Posted by k1ir on March 28, 2001

If there is still no manufacture who build a decent transceiver
without computers inside and without all the unnessary bells
and whistles, but a frontend free of overload,
with items which allow selfrepair, for shure I will use my
drake twins or IC-765s

Posted by DF3KV on March 27, 2001

Contesting in 10 Yrs
I would suppose by looking at the "hot" things in ham radio right now
is that we will be using QRP rigs, running PSK31 or Stream using
as little bandwidth as possible. CW will dead (lament) and SSB
with seem to be antique, but those digital modes will be hot to
trott. I would suggest the new rigs wouldn't even have a mic connector
on them. But, of course...I could be and I hope I am wrong.

Posted by Anonymous on March 27, 2001

Radios don't seem to be getting better I'm afraid.
Sure wish the manufacturers would stop spending the R&D bucks on DSP, and just turn out a good xtal-filtered basic rig with appropriate AGC selectable for mode and conditions, bullet-proof front end, and a clean transmit signal with good QSK. IMHO, such a rig excelling in these areas is not available today.

If the current trend continues, I'll probably be using an FT1000D or IC765 ten years from now, neither of which is a perfect solution.

Posted by Anonymous on March 26, 2001

Where's "What I'm Using Now"?
I don't anticipate replacing either of my radios in the next ten years. This should have been one of the survey choices!

Posted by k2ua on March 26, 2001

Where's the 940?
Assuming Contesting, Ham radio and I are not dead, I'll probably be using, relatively speaking, the same kind of radio I am using now: a >10-year-old radio that was state-of-the-art in its day. So that means an FT-1000MP-V or maybe a FT-1000D.

Posted by N2MG on March 26, 2001

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