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The CQWW 2006 SSB & CW logs are available for all to view ( & Do you think the idea of making CQWW logs public is
  Posted: Jul 06, 2007   (230 votes, 4 comments) by VE5ZX

  bad idea
  not sure
  don't care
    (230 votes, 4 comments)
Survey Results
great 50% (116)
useful 23% (53)
problematic 6% (14)
bad idea 4% (10)
not sure 6% (13)
don't care 10% (24)

Survey Comments
It is in the rules
Item 5 under logging instructions in the 2006 rules states "By submitting a potential high-scoring log to the CQ WW Contest, the entrant agrees to have the log open to the public."

Posted by VE5ZX on July 16, 2007

1 ARRL = 2 different rules?
For online logsearch it's forbidden to show date and time = ARRL says: you will lost your status for DXCC !

Here they show the logs - and without permisson of owner ?!

73 Chris

Posted by dl5nam on July 15, 2007

Contest log availability
IMHO all logs for all contests should be available for inspection. Might this give a competitor some advantage or insight into operational strategies? Perhaps, but log availability also tends to insure transparency of conduct in contest operation. In VHF contests the question of captive rovers has been discussed for a long time. Total log availability would put this argument to rest for good as, I am sure, it would for similar discussions in other contests.

Jack, W6NF
(ex NA7RF, AE7DX)

Posted by ae7dx on July 12, 2007

It would be nice if the CQWW logs were available in a single zipped file. This would save the effort of manually downloading each file or having to write some code to harvest the files from the web site.

Posted by VE5ZX on July 4, 2007

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