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Contesting Online Survey

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Recently the RDXC committee reclassified P3F to high power from low power without publicly providing strong evidence that any infraction had occurred. They concluded was that the contestant was running HP on 80/40m but not full-time, just 10 minutes here and there without any convincing evidence. It appears they used the RBN as their source of information. Should the RXDC contest have to publicly provide convincing evidence before reclassifying a station from LP to HP?

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Randy, K5ZD, wrote a sidebar titled " Convergence and Change" in the 2015 CQWW CW printed results in CQ magazine. He wrote that the "convergence of personal computers, Internet access, DX clusters, and CW Skimmer have changed the nature of CW contesting". He goes to say that it is "more difficult to police the line between the single operator working alone and those who are using the assistance of DX spotting." In light of this convergence and change is it time to recombine SO and SOA into a single category?

What's your primary Software for HF Contests ? ( no VHF/UHF ! )

Are you ready the this year's winter contest season

What ways have you found to be effective to attract newcomers to our hobby?

What is your linear?

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The CQ WW Contest Committee is discussing whether use of real-time contest scoreboards is likely to convey information about band openings and profitable tactics to an extent that participants using the scoreboards should be categorized as assisted. Do you think users of real-time contest scoreboards should be categorized as assisted?
  Posted: Nov 01, 2006   (374 votes, 15 comments) by VE5ZX

  Don't know
  Don't care
    (374 votes, 15 comments)
Survey Results
Yes 60% (224)
No 30% (113)
Don't know 4% (15)
Don't care 6% (22)

Survey Comments
You're watching the live score for another station. You notice a ton of Q's on 40m. You could tune down and find 40m dead. As it turns out, all of those Q's might have been from the night before. Yes, the scoreboards are real time, but they don't give a breakdown of band rates at certain times.

Live scoreboards are not a packet cluster. As long as they list the standard breakdown, any advantage to using them is marginal - and left to the big multi/multis anyway (who are going to kick your butt regardless of the live scoreboard).

Posted by K1KAA on November 23, 2006

Limit what you can see
Total score and no band breakdown would eliminate any question about people getting tipped off that a certain band might be open. So, make that the restriction and use the live scoreboards to get more people interested in a contest or the hobby in general!

Live scoreboards, contest videos on You Tube and more - we should use the internet as much as possible to let people know about radiosport/contesting!!

Yeah, if you are watching the scoreboard, you are probably losing - but that's okay - most of us aren't winning the contest anyway.

73 Jamie NS3T

Posted by NS3T on November 20, 2006

Waste of Time
I think this is just another way to waste time. How could this possibly be useful. I would think that all it could do is discourage an opeator from continuing the contest. In order to win a contest, you need to be able to "play the hand with the cards dealt you". Trying to be someone else is a sure way to lose.


Posted by w0uo on November 18, 2006

While you're watching an online scoreboard, you're losing the contest.

"Second Place" = "First Loser"

Posted by K0HB on November 17, 2006

Scoreboards should increase intrests in contesting
and that alone is worth encouraging ops to use them !!!!!!!

everyone is saying we are a dieing hobby
some one saw my car plate and said that is a dieing art (Ham radio) is it not !

if we want new blood we must embrace new tools
the internet tools will Help our hobby get new kids in

How does viewing a scoreboard make someone become assisted ??????

I don't connect the dots on that at all !!!!

I think K0RC spelled it out best earlier in this thread.

If it increases the Fun then it is a no brainer, let's use it and encourage it's use
or would we rather give away our frequencies

Even a band breakdown is not putting info in my hands I can't get else where

It does not make a new category or move an op into assisted. A single op can use WWV and propagation software tools.

Again all it does is increase the Fun and show others what they are missing

and it does not beg a discussion on big amps and SO2R versus lil pistols !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by KG5VK on November 16, 2006

Not much of an assist
I've now watched the scoreboard in three contest, ARRL DX CW, CQ WW SSB, and SS CW.

In the DX contest we were multi-multi. It was fun watching our competition and it probably helped push us a bit.

In the CQ WW SSB I was in VP9 and I watched the YCCC multi-multi competition on my spare notebook. I didn't post my score because of technical problems.

In SS I connected to it. Not too much activity but again it was fun to watch people like K5ZD as their scores went up.

I'll probably set it up on the spare notebook computer for the CQ WW CW and I will post the 6V7D score if I can.

I suppose the scores might have told me that all sections were active in Sweepstakes but that's not exactly a lot of information.

Posted by K1XM on November 13, 2006

I'm for it.....
Anything that gets my competition off the air and on the internet during a contest,sounds like I'd be the "assisted" one!!

Posted by ny1e on November 12, 2006

Scoreboard; yes, but with limitations
I agree with N1UR and AA4LR in that if the only info shown is the score then there is nothing there to assist an operator. The only thing that matters is score anyway.
IF info showing the active band(s) is displayed this could be used as a tool (as in an assist).
Callsign and score is the only info that needs to be displayed.

Posted by NX5M on November 11, 2006

I think not
If accessing an online scoreboard moves you into the "assisted" class, then listening to the WWV solar reports and using propogation software should too! It doesn't matter what information is displayed.

In addition to the "fun" aspect, I see this new technology will provide three things:
1) motivation to competitors,
2) standings of all participants,
3) another passive tool for the sport.

An online scoreboard does not provide:
1) strategy to overcome your competitor,
2) equipment to overcome your competitor,
3) skill to overcome your competitor.

As I said, I view it as a new, passive tool for all contesters and viewers to enjoy.

73 de Bob - K0RC in MN

Posted by K0RC on November 10, 2006

Not Assisted
It really depends on the information being displayed by the scoreboard. If the information is limited to scores alone, there doesn't seem to be much potential for "assistance".

And, it meets the definition of one operator performing all the operating, logging, spotting, duping and scoring.

Posted by AA4LR on November 9, 2006

Great Idea and Fun!
This feature provides ops with the ability to check on the competition during the contest. The chance of seeing the score and mult totals is just like the scoreboard at a baseball field. No band information or operating frequency should be displayed as that would be just like self spotting on the packet network. During CQWW SSB I found it provided a rallying point to encourage the operators during low rate hours and down time. It was interesting to see how many times we went from being ahead to being behind other stations during the 48 hour contest. Overall a good addition to the contesting shack!

Posted by kc7rso on November 8, 2006

Assisted or Not ?
If it is just the proposed score - NonAssited. If the score includes band and station info., then definitely assisted. Scores only would not give a where and who but anything else would be an aid to another station....

Posted by K2RET on November 8, 2006

Great Idea
Yes;I think it's amother feature of the assisted class, and another widening of the division between the internet help class and the non helped do-it-all yourself ops. I think it's a basically natural development for the computer keener class.
But---- what about a totally entry class for the beginner entry who is a real grassroots entry and has yet to tackle or even know about the auto/gizmo/stax/telenet on the bandmap/so2r bigamp does it all big bux mode. Thats a real/now issue...getting more young or newbe's in, b4 freefall happens...

Posted by ve6ex on November 7, 2006

Not assisted
If you are watching you aren't working the contest. A score and mult total will not give anyone any advantages. If used extensively it would sure be fun to watch folks duke it out for the win.

Posted by W0MU on November 1, 2006

Great Idea
I think it is a great idea for those who are interested. It should be assisted for sure if it is anything other than total score. If it is just total score, it might be a different story.


Posted by N1UR on November 1, 2006

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