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Contesting Online Survey

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Recently the RDXC committee reclassified P3F to high power from low power without publicly providing strong evidence that any infraction had occurred. They concluded was that the contestant was running HP on 80/40m but not full-time, just 10 minutes here and there without any convincing evidence. It appears they used the RBN as their source of information. Should the RXDC contest have to publicly provide convincing evidence before reclassifying a station from LP to HP?

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Randy, K5ZD, wrote a sidebar titled " Convergence and Change" in the 2015 CQWW CW printed results in CQ magazine. He wrote that the "convergence of personal computers, Internet access, DX clusters, and CW Skimmer have changed the nature of CW contesting". He goes to say that it is "more difficult to police the line between the single operator working alone and those who are using the assistance of DX spotting." In light of this convergence and change is it time to recombine SO and SOA into a single category?

What's your primary Software for HF Contests ? ( no VHF/UHF ! )

Are you ready the this year's winter contest season

What ways have you found to be effective to attract newcomers to our hobby?

What is your linear?

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What is your favourite Amateur Radio mode of operation?
  Posted: Aug 18, 2000   (281 votes, 15 comments) by vk4tdb

Survey Results
Voice 27% (75)
CW 66% (186)
SSTV / ATV 1% (2)
Packet / Pactor / Amtor 0% (0)
PSK-31 4% (12)
Fax 0% (0)
Other - Please specify in the comments section. 2% (6)

Survey Comments
Real Men diddle!!!!

Posted by Anonymous on November 2, 2000

CW forever!
'nuff said.

Posted by N6RT on August 22, 2000

You're right!
CW contests are easier and that's why I prefer them. They're enjoyable for cryin' out loud. I'd rather run a 10k at a full sprint than get serious about a phone contest. Too much work. The only thing I can't figger out is why they keep easing the CW testing requirements?--K7BG

Posted by k7bg on August 22, 2000

Such surveys are, indeed, interesting. Yet many of the "comments" invariably turn devisive all too quickly.
CW versus Phone versus RTTY, & so forth. We've all got to live/work/operate in an increasingly tenuous
political climate, so it's to our advantage to be, as Paul Segal said, "balanced amateurs."

But then, look how I of those old-fart CW guys!

Posted by k4za on August 21, 2000

Microphone? We don't need no stinkin microphone!
I agree with W4AN. Well put :)

Posted by KL9A on August 21, 2000

Where's the RTTY
CW by far is my Favorite mode. I enjoy the challenge of busting the cw pile-ups!
My second favorite Mode is RTTY!
#279 countries on RTTY!
The latest was Tromelin! Looking forward to add 3B6 next month!
Good Dxing to all.
73s de W4ADJ

Posted by Anonymous on August 21, 2000

Still no RTTY?

Posted by MM0BYC on August 21, 2000

Favorite mode
It is always a thrill working a DX or beating a pile up with less than 100 watts and modest antennas.

Posted by Anonymous on August 21, 2000

How come no RTTY in the survey

Posted by Anonymous on August 20, 2000

CW simply rulez!
cw is the most enjoyable and
most effective way of
so i cannot understand how
ham's do torture themselves
with fone...
CW simply rulez!

Posted by DJ1YFK on August 20, 2000

Favorite Mode
Phone of course! Phone contests have always been more of a challenge than CW contests. The QRM, the catfights, the splatter; it's wonderful!
Why do you think more contesters prefer CW contesting over phone contests? They're easier!
While there are many great cw operators, the number of great (KW8N caliber) SSB operators pales in comparison!My vote for SSB! N4UK

Posted by n4uk on August 19, 2000

favorite mode
I enjoy phone, and phone contesting, and a litle ragchewing, but cw is my favorite by far. Some might say it's my imagination, but CW ops are different. I'm not gonna say out and out they are more polite, but it sure seems that way. The guys in their 80's and 90's are incredible. They appreciate having a contact, they don't make tacky comments if you can't run 30 wpm, and their joy for the hobby is obvious. I usually find myself reaching to turn the mode knob back to CW.

Posted by n5xm on August 19, 2000

PSK is the best thing that's happened in years to amateur radio. There is great software like PSKWin that's freeware and doesn't need a Pentium II to run it. Working DX is a blast. It's time for a contest with PSK. I now hear about 3 RTTY signals to every 10 PSK signals in the digital regions. PSK is so much better.

Posted by Anonymous on August 19, 2000

What other mode?
What other mode is there but CW? Sheesh... dumb survey question. :)

Posted by W4AN on August 18, 2000

favorite mode
I much prefer CW. I snare a lot more DX that way, given my indoor antenna, especially running QRP

Posted by k4jsi on August 18, 2000

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