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Contesting Online - Spotlight Detail

PA5KT on sunday afternoon
After rebuild of the HF room at PI4Z this was the first contest and HF activity since the spring. Antennas: 160m: toploaded vertical, a lot of radials. 80m: delta loop. 40m: delta loop. 20-15-10m: C4-SXL. HF9-V for second radio. Beverage direction USA. HF9-V has no radials at the moment which needs to be repaired and the beverage is actually switchable, but something is wrong there so this needs repairing as well. Started as SOAB unassisted but decided to go for assisted during the contest. Did run most of the time and did not use the second radio. Made around 2400 qso. Next year i want more. :-)
2010-12-03 09:11:49