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Contesting Online Speak Out

Speak Out: Dayton Hamvention and Contesters

As a contester, what do you think about the Dayton Hamvention? Any plans for this year, pet peeves, favorite parts, etc.?

17 opinions on this subject. Enter your opinion at the bottom of this page.
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Anonymous on 2006-06-25
Dayton. Ohio? No, I don't think so.

N5ER on 2006-06-22
I always look forward to Dayton. Unforunately I have had to miss it the last 3 years. But I will return in 2007! And looks like my wish that there would be more for the Contesters at the Hamvention is coming true with the Contest University that is being planned for thursday. If this is not a practical joke it would be great to have a day with numerous semminars and forums that are deicated for contesters.

k8khz on 2006-06-10
I will be there as long as Cheese bowling and russian vodka shots exist in the crowne plazza. But, on a serious note, I plan on comming to meet people, take photos (need to take more next time mayeb I can be the photo guy) and also eat the K3LR Midnight special delivery pizza from Donatos. Also Where else can you find old millitary camoflauge spreader poles for sale. I thought I was out of the Army....

nc2n on 2006-06-10
Last century, I went to Dayton five times in a row - 1992 thru 1996.
This year, after TEN years of not going, I made this trip again, and I am happy!
It was a real pleasure to see many of my old buddies in Hara Arena a decade later.
Will try to go in 2007, again
73's Andrei EW1AR-NP3D, ex NC2N

kl7fh on 2006-05-16
I will be there! Last year was my first time in 30 years of Ham radio...I loved it! CYA there!
Frank KL7FH

The originator of KL9A !

k4kal on 2006-05-12
Have been going to Dayton for the past 5 years. 2005 was a real let down, so with the high fuel prices, I am skipping this year. I hope you guys don't get wet this year and it is a good one.

dl8obf on 2006-05-06
This year will be my first time to Dayton, looking forward to this. So far I have only done other events such as HAM-Radio, Interradio, Tropical Hamboree, Leicester. My expectation of Dayton is to be bigger and more action!

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