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Contesting Online Speak Out

Speak Out: How do you explain contesting?

Ham Radio in general, and Radio Contesting specifically, can be difficult to explain to the "layman". How do you describe "what you do?"

36 opinions on this subject. Enter your opinion at the bottom of this page.
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WF1L on 2005-03-28
The term "Radio Sport" and the Tampa Stadium analogy seem to ring the most true to my opinion of what contesting is to me. I think I'll start using them when I try and explain what I do during a contest to non-hams.

K1RA on 2005-03-23

K8NQC on 2005-03-23
I like the European term "Radio Sport." It is like a weekend party where many people enjoy bumping elbows. It is an exciting way to test one's communication capability while avoiding the mundane chit-chat that usually occupies the amateur frequencies.

M1LCR on 2005-03-17
24 or 48 Hours of sheer bedlam !I like the analogy of the football stadium, but would add that you have to go to each person to get the details. The rarer states / counties are difficult to find, and there will be a queue to talk to them. Generally the people don't come to you, unless you are the only person from that state or country.

k4xs on 2005-03-12
I tell them to picture Tampa Stadium, filled with people......70000 or so. Then I tell them that they have 48 hours to get the name and the home state or country of as many people as they can in that stadium, and record it. Their final score will be determined by the amount of people they have correctly recorded multiplied by the number of states and countries. The one with the highest score is the winner.

I then ask them what skills would be necessary to do well in that situation. The analogies are pretty close to what we do in contesting.

Another quickie is to call it the Indy 500 for geeks.

KL9A on 2005-03-12
"He who talks to the most people wins."

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