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Contesting Online Speak Out

Speak Out: SSB operations out of the 40m bandplan

Every DX phone contest, on 40 meters, stations can be heard operating SSB down below 7040kHz and others, working split, listening for contacts there. Even though the "7040" plan is voluntary, do you feel it still deserves to be honored during contests?

129 opinions on this subject. Enter your opinion at the bottom of this page.
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4L5A on 2004-05-20
Im sorry but propably you all understand there is no chance that during the big contests people will not operate below 7040 SSB
For sure US stations will still listen below 7040
I think only way to stop it for sure is to delete 40m band in SSB contest
and have that band free from SSB and then propalby also from CW contesting if that will happen next day I will put down my 40m antennas hi
About qrm its very clear that during the major contest there is not much CW activity on 40m band and if you will look you will find more CW station in the upper portion of the 40m band Lets say starting 7025 and only what they are doing is they are qrming contesters and nothing else
Some people creating own rules and say people in SSB contest can go down to 7030 but no more hi hi
We need cooporation for sure and contest committees understand very clearly if they are will disqulify all station Tx or Rx below 7040 then that will be contest with out of contesters hi hi
Lets be friends and dont fight with each other I think its the best way and I think there is only 4-5 contest in year when SSB operators go below 7040 and I think we need to show goodwill and wait when we will get some additional frequancy on 40m
I know 9A amateurs now can transmitt till 7200 I think thats great
73 Al 4L5A/D4B

N2ALE on 2004-05-16
For a 100w S&P contester, 40m is a tough band - mostly due to the Short Wave broadcasts. All my contacts in the bottom of the band in my logs seem to be from JA stations working split. If there's a problem, maybe it should be put into the contest rules in the same way that 17m is excluded. If there's a point to attacking fellow contesters, I'm missing it.

Anonymous on 2004-05-12
I think you are right...keep CW below 7040 and SSB above...but also the other way around. CW below 7040...anyone above should not have their QSOs counted either. This is the right way to do it.
As John (M0CVB) said..."Adhere to the bandplan..." Also as HAMs contester or not be good operators! Listen before you TX...I don't know how many times I have lost out on contacts because of contester that jump on Freq and start CQing without care for the other HAMs in progress QSOs. Follow the bandplans, share the bands and the BIGGEST POINT...RESPECT EACH OTHER!!!!

The biggest problem in this world, is NO ONE shows anyone any RESPECT. Treat others as you wish to be treated... "It's that simple!"


Anonymous on 2004-05-07
From Marek OK1TRM:
Sorry guys but the discussion tends to be more a discussion about CW or non CW licencing for shortwave operation....

I think Milan OK1VWK does not try to justify this (unfortunately) common practice to operate fone <7040kc to be generally correct.

My opinion is I think there are many hams wanting to qso in the contest, no difference if they are ssb'ers in fone contest or cw'ers in cw contest. The cw'ers have the advantage the bandplans allow them to be anywhere within the entire band with the ssb part being shared with them. It means cw'ers TXing in the ssb subband fully comply to the bandplans. I have never heard anyone of the ssb'ers to dare to complain about that - why when that practice is ok. On the other hand, the ssb'ers are fully excluded from the cw portion of the bands. Therefore the ssb contesters, being (rightfully) accused of bandplan violation call for some tolerance at special events. Based on some historical evolution they do not have the same rights (is that not obsolete?) and I did not notice any movement or claims of the ssb'ers toward exclusion of cw'ers out of ssb subbands so far. So please let them have at least the same chance and freedom several days a year when they can't (?) have the same rights. The main message is why can't the cw guys show at least a little bit of good will or empathy and being big-harted for the other during big contests and just tolerate the ssb'ers this - I dare to think a little - trespassing several days yearly? Howgh.

For everybody - I do no want to hide as anonymous - I am a member of OL7R as Milan. Sorry I am not signed up here, I hope you will forgive me. My identity can be found in Buckmasters, or official Czech callbook.

VY 73! de Marek OK1TRM

Anonymous on 2004-05-06
It is a good point about the 40 m CW segment being 'endangered'. The lack of support for protecting the IARU CW-only segments is much in evidence within national societies and the NA contest organisers. This may explain why the new breed of code-free box operator feels that they have the right to operate SSB in the 40 m CW segment - in fact their UK licence actually permits them to do so!
Regards to all, Steve GW4ALG

Anonymous on 2004-05-04
40 m would be probably the first band where the CW portion is endangered. What we hear today in a contest can became daily reality in near future. Therefore, contest organizers should disqualify any SSBet operating in the CW segment without any pardon.

OK1VWK on 2004-05-04

Your name was ofcourse below your post but on the band is your identification callsign I hope :-) It seems this board was about HAM radio or not ? For me isnt exist everyone who is hiden for anonymous post. But anyway ... from second angle ....

I am not arguing that always I can use SSB below 7040. I am accepting IARU band plan for normal situation on the band. But in the contest I accept if you make QRL? and have FREE frequency do it and go SSB below 7040 in SSB contest go CW above 7040 in CW contest etc.

But because NOT exist absolutly FREE frequency and this situacion can be start interference problem with other station exist codex named HAMSPIRIT.

So and I think that HAMSPIRIT is also if station which dont like contesting or dont like operational mode (CW,SSB or RTTY) in curent contest make be QSY to WARC noncontesting band if so match need make noncontesting QSO or QSO in other mode.

Unfortunately maybe I see this situacion in bad angle, but its my opinion ....

73 de Milan

vk4dx on 2004-05-03

for whatever reason I was not logged automatically onto the web site. Might be because I use computers at different locations at different times. Now (I guess) you can see my callsign at the top of this post. I don't hide myself behind "anonymous" signature. My name is below my post and that is MY identification. My callsign is identification of my station, not me in person. But anyway ...

All I am saying is that maybe, just maybe your station interfered with "the non-existing guy" and he just complained. You always have to see the problem from two angles, gives a better view.

And being European myself, I know what 100w on 40m can do, especially in Europe. You have to admit for yourself - if you were listening to my weak (449) signal and someone from DL or ON came on to the frequency with 100 W - you can kiss our QSO goodbye. And that could have been your first QSO on 40 with VK ever, because you might be running 10w and 5m high dipole. And what that DL or ON station did - ruined 10 years of your patience.

I am not arguing that nobody should use SSB below 7040. I am just strongly in favor of the idea that contest organizers should make it a rule - no SSB contacts are allowed below 7040 - full stop. No exceptions, no ifs and buts. That simple. And as long as they don't introduce that - I guess they'll have something to scratch their hads about.

73 MIke VK4DX

ws4y on 2004-05-02
The bottom 40 Khz of 40 meters should
be free of ssb signals even in contests.
This issue is about respect. Speaking
of respect I don't have any for
anonymous posters. The little box you
may check to post anonymously should
not be there. We don't talk with
anonymous phone callers either.
73, Bill WS4Y

OK1VWK on 2004-05-01
Yes, Mike I am relaxing :-)

Only one question. You tell maybe, maybe .... In fact, was SSB contest, many SSB stations on the band .... If your opinion is right, why you and also many next stations write opinion to this board as anonymous, or without callsign ? Why E.M.DEWASMES cant write too callsign in his statement if he is licenced ? I dont understand why exist any anonymous opinion. Are you or all other anonymous sure, that only your opinion is 100% right ? I think NO, because you are afraid when cannot present callsign. Or you are not licenced. Then you dont write to this board, because its not your problem. I accept only realy discussion where I know who is who. We will see in next WPX, now CW part. I think problem will be the same, only inverted. Will be many CW stations in contest and some station prefering SSB or DIGI operation will have trouble.

So and now next step. John M0CVB, are you contester ? Do you prefere CW or SSB or DIGI operation ? Thats most interest questions for me, if for you is all too easy.

Last step. Mike for your info, OL7R is using on 40m 2el. full size MOXON rectangle beam and home made power amplifier with 4xGU50. Thats small russian tubes with max anode power 100W per one tube. Where do you have some kW ?

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