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Contesting Online Speak Out

Speak Out: SSB operations out of the 40m bandplan

Every DX phone contest, on 40 meters, stations can be heard operating SSB down below 7040kHz and others, working split, listening for contacts there. Even though the "7040" plan is voluntary, do you feel it still deserves to be honored during contests?

127 opinions on this subject. Enter your opinion at the bottom of this page.
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Anonymous on 2004-05-24
Yeah, it's all the "NA" operators' fault. NOT!

NA's listen there (below 7040) but EU's transmit. Fact: NA's listening there is not breaking *our* bandplan. EU's transmitting there is breaking their own. C'mon, who's culpable here?

Damned EU's blaiming NA's for all their ills again. So what's new?

Anonymous on 2004-05-24
Jeez - for the lousy few (what is it, THREE?) weekends a year where this is a problem, is it really *such* a problem???

Anonymous on 2004-05-24
Anon wrote:
> If all the road is full of cars why
> not to go by car on the sidewalk???
> It will be much faster and very
> funny! It's todays contesting.

Incorrect analogy. This is like saying that the sidewalk is a legal and safe place to drive, just underutilized in "normal" times.

The demands of the non-contesters is more like this:

We want our own lane, and at all times it is to be free of rush hour drivers because our type of driving is "special" - it deserves its own lane at all times. No matter that the rush hour drivers have legal access to the lane, or that there's more of them. WE WANT OUR RIGHTS!!!

Anonymous on 2004-05-22
this can surely be resolved by contest organisers (as some earlier writers suggested) - if logs showing contacts below 7040 were disqualified then the practice of using those frequencies would cease. In the contests if the 40m ssb band is too busy then you can always operate another band (well...)

Anonymous on 2004-05-22
From GW4ALG:
I think that cancelling SSB events on 40 m would be a great pity - because most SSB contesters already keep off the CW-only and data segments. All we really need is for the contest organisers to lead the way and demonstrate respect for the IARU bandplans. Inclusion of a clause like the one suggested on this discussion group by Mike VK4DX (2004-03-31) would, I feel, be an excellent place to start.
Regards to all, Steve GW4ALG.

4L5A on 2004-05-22
I just mean activity during big SSB contests because many of good CW operator are good SSB operator also and they are interesting in SSB contests also and thats reduce activity on CW
Same situation is when CW contest is going on
You know on the same time problem is that 40 m phone band is just for about 20 European station and thats it
Even if we will add all CW portion of the band its make lets say 30 station and thats not much you know
In contest we have much more station in CW situation is really different you can have 100s station there
I dont have answer what to do
Like I mention before in some countries there is no band plan in other they are have band plan and etc
I think best way if we will dont qrm each other thats best and other way might be to cancel SSB contests on 40m before we will dont get more frequancies
73 Al 4L5A/D4B

K8NQC on 2004-05-21
I think we should revisit the band plan. Very little of the 40 meter segment available to NA but not Europe is used for CW and NONE of the shared frequency is for SSB. When the SSB demand is high below 7050, why do we not move much of the CW up above 7100, maybe into the old Novice band. That ought to give some balance with minimal conflict. I just noticed that I am listed as anonymous. Sorry, this is Bill, K8NQC

Anonymous on 2004-05-20
From GW4ALG:
I disagree that there is not much CW activity on 40m. Listen any evening, and you will hear several CW QSOs taking place within the space used by a single SSB channel. Judging by the comments below, a large number of ops feel that protection of the CW-only segment is a worthy cause. It is only a minority of SSB contesters who are out of step with everyone else; but these few contesters cause a big amount of QRM for many experimenters.
Regards to all, Steve GW4ALG.

4L5A on 2004-05-20
Im sorry but propably you all understand there is no chance that during the big contests people will not operate below 7040 SSB
For sure US stations will still listen below 7040
I think only way to stop it for sure is to delete 40m band in SSB contest
and have that band free from SSB and then propalby also from CW contesting if that will happen next day I will put down my 40m antennas hi
About qrm its very clear that during the major contest there is not much CW activity on 40m band and if you will look you will find more CW station in the upper portion of the 40m band Lets say starting 7025 and only what they are doing is they are qrming contesters and nothing else
Some people creating own rules and say people in SSB contest can go down to 7030 but no more hi hi
We need cooporation for sure and contest committees understand very clearly if they are will disqulify all station Tx or Rx below 7040 then that will be contest with out of contesters hi hi
Lets be friends and dont fight with each other I think its the best way and I think there is only 4-5 contest in year when SSB operators go below 7040 and I think we need to show goodwill and wait when we will get some additional frequancy on 40m
I know 9A amateurs now can transmitt till 7200 I think thats great
73 Al 4L5A/D4B

N2ALE on 2004-05-16
For a 100w S&P contester, 40m is a tough band - mostly due to the Short Wave broadcasts. All my contacts in the bottom of the band in my logs seem to be from JA stations working split. If there's a problem, maybe it should be put into the contest rules in the same way that 17m is excluded. If there's a point to attacking fellow contesters, I'm missing it.

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