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Contesting Online Speak Out

Speak Out: SSB operations out of the 40m bandplan

Every DX phone contest, on 40 meters, stations can be heard operating SSB down below 7040kHz and others, working split, listening for contacts there. Even though the "7040" plan is voluntary, do you feel it still deserves to be honored during contests?

129 opinions on this subject. Enter your opinion at the bottom of this page.
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GW4ALG on 2007-11-03
It's not just the CQWW SSB event that results in this chaos. Contest QRM is now prevalent on the popular HF bands every weekend, and it's driving people off the bands - for good. For many, life is too short to have to deal with such QRM every weekend.

And the number of mid-week contests is increasing too. Unless you're in that minority 'special-interest' group of radio amateurs who do contesting (about 5% of amateurs), you might as well give up operating the popular HF bands. And if you're into QRP; or experimenting; or ragchewing; or homebrewing - don't expect any help from your national society either.

And don't try 'standing your ground' in the face of the contest bullies: your national society is getting ready to pounce on you for causing 'deliberate interference'. The spirit of amateur radio is fast disappearing.

BTW, 'Contest QRM' is also a hot topics at:

Regards to all,
Steve GW4ALG

KD5XB on 2007-10-29
Friday evening my time (26 Oct 2007), I heard a DX station calling on SSB right on 7025 khz, and listening on 7168 khz -- very obviously looking for US contacts.

Somebody was trying to call CQ on cw on about 7025, but it wasn't working. At one point, a W9 answered the DX station, on SSB, on the wrong VFO - on 7025. I guess the DX station had dual receive, because they went ahead and worked right there instead of using the split.

Used to be you could go really low and find SOME place to operate some CW, but not any more.

7 3

n7dc on 2007-10-29
Ive spoken, written letters and emails to dozens of such "interfering" stations over the years. It comes down simply to the fact is that THEY DONT CARE. Its their "right" so they are going to do it. Ive had many overseas calls, as well as my present N7DC call, and have won contests - without having to go "out of band" to do so. They are simply stating they they "cant" compete without cheating (using freqs outside the normal bands for their mode) I would encourage all ops to contact the contest sponsors and complain, long and loud. We need international sub-bands but neither the IARU, ITU or several government overseers have the courage or guts to do it.

G3YIQ on 2007-10-27
It's Oct 27 at around 20.30z. Below 7040 is full of SSB stations who show no regard for bandplans. Here are some of them: UZ7M, EA8/OH4NL, EA9LZ, SN3X, DJ4PI, 5P5X, P33W, PI4CC, GM2T, PI4COM, DJ0VZ. Of course, these stations are not breaking their license conditions - they are simply demonstrating a breathtaking arrogance and a total lack of consideration for their fellow amateurs who are not operating in the contest. I am a keen contester - but not one that considers the whole band to be fair game. It is time that contest commitees restricted the frequencies to be used for contests to eliminate this kind of behavour. It may be a bit of a squeeze on 7MHz, but if competing is the name of the game, there should be no complaints about that - it simply tests operating skills even more.


G3YIQ on 2007-10-27

Anonymous on 2007-05-10
DON'T DO IT...........

M0JRQ on 2006-11-20
I think any QSO conducted out of plan should be disallowed from any contest scoring

M0JRQ on 2006-11-20
I think any QSO conducted out of plan should be disallowed from any contest scoring

G3NCN on 2005-11-07
Operation by SSB stations in the exclusively CW
section of 40m is an act of great selfishness, both
on the part of the operators who display such
arrogance, and on the part of the contest
organisers who fail to preserve the CW band for
those who are entitled to use it. The number of
obviously angry CW operators evident on last
week's CQ contest spoke for itself. and the
solution is so simple. If the Contest organisers
were to specify frequency limits for their event,
with disqualification for those outside of the limits,
then the problem would cease at once.

GW4ALG on 2005-11-06
Add the 6 days per year of SSB intrusion to the 40 days per year of significant data intrusion, and you might start to understand why it's such a 'big deal'. In Europe we still have loads of CW activity in our 7.000 to 7.035 CW Only segment. The art of CW is alive and well on 40m over here. But the regular intrusion into our 40m QRP and straight key zone is making it hard for those with restricted-space antennas. 40m may be the only band available in the evenings for those living in densely populated areas: the higher frequency bands are closed; and their antennas are too inefficient on 80/160m. Weekends may be the only time when newcomers (working normal work patterns) get a chance to develop their CW skills. It is at the weekends when they need a few kHz to develop their skills without their efforts being clobbered by yet another 'points at any cost' super station.

Anyway, whether or not you're in favour of removing the 'CW Only' segments, an opportunity to provide feedback to CQ Magazine can be found at:

The 2005 survey form works well, and there is plenty of space for additional comments.

Regards to all,
Steve GW4ALG

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