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Contesting Online Speak Out

Speak Out: SSB operations out of the 40m bandplan

Every DX phone contest, on 40 meters, stations can be heard operating SSB down below 7040kHz and others, working split, listening for contacts there. Even though the "7040" plan is voluntary, do you feel it still deserves to be honored during contests?

129 opinions on this subject. Enter your opinion at the bottom of this page.
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Anonymous on 2004-03-18
I am absolutely ashamed of the rif-raf that is licensed today and I will not participate in any contest that allows and encourages trashing the bands in the never ending quest for meaningless contacts and scores. Lots of hams today lack moral fiber and character.

Anonymous on 2004-03-17
The U.S. SSB stations should stay above 7.150. If they started to operate below then we might as well give up contesting on 40M altogether. A few "super stations" operating down there would screw it up for everyone else. The same has happened in EU and JA so they know what it's like.

vk2cz on 2004-03-16
Keep in mind the global perspective where different jurisdictions allow very different operating regimes. Simply operate legally if there are no 'enforced' CW/SSB segments (like VK, ZL, P2, H4, 9M, YB.. etc.

If the legal speed limit in VK8 is 250km/h (which it is by the way), but only 110km/h in SM4, then simply drive according to the rules !!!

Anonymous on 2004-03-15
Obviously, 40M is a VERY Limited Resourse. What's wrong with sharing it on an 'as needed' basis? Personally, I don't think two weekends per YEAR is too much to ask to give more people a chance to work some DX on 40M SSB.

Tom N4KG

LZ1ABC on 2004-03-13
Well i hate when USA stations says i should observe the band plan on 40m.
Why dont someone come in EU and try working on 7mhz SSB during big contest.

So there's really no use discussing this.
Just like on CW contests we(I) work up to 7.090, on SSB we go as low as 7.010.
Those are our bands, so why dont use it the best way!?


Anonymous on 2004-03-12
A sidebander is the fat guy in a liferaft.

"73" N4SL

Anonymous on 2004-03-12
Band plan -stupid, power limits - stupid, other rules - stupid. I have to make the best score!!! It's today contesting.

Anonymous on 2004-03-12
The band plan should be observed and contest committee should punish all stations working SSB on CW portion of the band. If not why not work on 6.995 MHz? This frequency is completly clear.
From my point of view working on CW portions of ham bands is a part of worldwide ZOO - during contests and DXpeditions you can hear what's going on with ham radio. Shame!

Anonymous on 2004-03-11
CW can be used anywhere in the band, But I hear CW operating above 7050 all the time during contest and I tune down and the last 30 kc in the band are almost empty of CW. I get tired of hearing CW ops talk about how CW can always get throuhgh and how important it is to keep CW but when it goes up against a few SSB stations they always cry. I work a lot of DX on 40 through CW signals why cant they stay down low a few days of the year or else quit grumbling.

Anonymous on 2004-03-10
I think both the 160 and 40 band plans are useful tools for normal operating activities. They should be suspended during the congestion of contests.

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