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Contesting Online Speak Out

Speak Out: SSB operations out of the 40m bandplan

Every DX phone contest, on 40 meters, stations can be heard operating SSB down below 7040kHz and others, working split, listening for contacts there. Even though the "7040" plan is voluntary, do you feel it still deserves to be honored during contests?

129 opinions on this subject. Enter your opinion at the bottom of this page.
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SV2AEL on 2004-03-30
We have also the same problem with IZ1ABC during the WPX SSB contest.
So many idiots on the WPX calling me that I was on the CW portion of the band and they started to swear very badly and make QRM on the freq with "V"-"RYRYRY"- music- bla bla bla e.t.c. Especially one BAND-POLICEMAN from GERMANY when I say "looking for USA and we listening on 7.208" he goes (!) on 7.208 to teach me the band rules and limits (!!!!!!) and after started to make noise on this freq (7208) to prevent me copy some USA stations!!!
Ooohhhhh God !!
I will be waiting if that stupid and complex-man during the WPX CW make QRM and have band-policeman role when any CW station will transmit up to 7040 !!

Anonymous on 2004-03-30
LOL so many idiots on the WPX calling me that i was on the CW portion of the band. And they were also using SSB.
One even asked me if i know the word DISQUALIFICATION. Then started to swear very badly.
Some very sick minds out there.

Regards lz1abc

P.S. Not that anyone was using the freq i was on.

Anonymous on 2004-03-30
Until such time as the forces that be straighten out the BC stns on 40, you will have the below 7040 problem. There just isnt enough room for everyone on 40 as it sits today.

Anonymous on 2004-03-30
From GW4ALG . . .
Too much griping here, and not enough ACTION.
Here are some ideas:
1) Write to the IARU to complain about the organisers of SSB contests who fail to put effective 'CW friendly' and 'data friendly' clauses in the rules for their events. (Woolly statements about 'encouraging' adherence to bandplans are worthless.)
2) Stop subscribing to organisations which promote the use of SSB in the CW and data segments.
3) Be sure to be _very_ active on CW and datamodes during world-wide SSB contests (and get your friends to do likewise). Add the events to your diary _now_.
4) Treat your operations in the face of SSB QRM as a 'challenge'. You will be surprised how much your CW skills improve after spending 4 hours having ragchew QSOs right through the QRM! But be sure to:
- give your callsign often: stand up and be counted!
- don't just send VVVs or RYRYRY - we are here to communicate, not to irritate;
- stick to the preferred IARU segments for your preferred mode;
- keep the data segment clear of CW (it's jolly narrow already);
- learn to use those lovely narrow filters - that's why they are there!
- use slow CW to improve readability;
- call CQ often;
- be prepared to repeat your information several times - it will get through eventually!
5) Write to the NA stations who listen below 7040 and let them know how you feel.
6) A last resort might be to organise our own data/CW 'QSO Parties' that are timed to coincide with the world-wide SSB contests. I would be pleased to help organise them if we can't crack the problem via the IARU and the organisers.
Regards to all, Steve GW4ALG

Anonymous on 2004-03-30
If all the road is full of cars why not to go by car on the sidewalk??? It will be much faster and very funny! It's todays contesting.

Anonymous on 2004-03-30
For every QSO heard on 40 SSB there are at least 10 running in the CW portion of the band. Most nights it's harder to find a clear CW spot than it is to find a place for SSB QSO's. Of course to hear the CW you may need a real radio, filter, and antenna. I think the solution is really simple. Let's put away the QRP stuff and go QRO. Then the motor mouths would probably be able to hear us.

Anonymous on 2004-03-29
NO NO NO. I will for sure call cq and work station under 7040 as I will do CW above 7060. Seems that some US stations do not get it.. What it would be if US were allowed work only 7040-7100 FUN? gimme a break. Last WPX when I worked few qsos under 7040 there were stations saying (on LSB) "QSY, this is CW band" They did not id even I asked so they must have been CBers? (LIDS?) Just to see if they would like to have CW contact with me I switched to CW but only one station came back during 10 minutes. So I switched back to SSB and kept going...

Anonymous on 2004-03-28
Ahhh excuse me, but those are For USA Stations,
Guess you are as ignorant as you type!

Anonymous on 2004-03-28
It doesn't look like it's voluntary at all. Looks pretty clear:

Novice and Technician Plus classes:
7.100-7.150 MHz: CW Only
General class:
7.025-7.150 MHz: CW, RTTY/Data
7.225-7.300 MHz: CW, Phone, Image Advanced class:
7.025-7.150 MHz: CW, RTTY/Data
7.150-7.300 MHz: CW, Phone, Image
Amateur Extra class:
7.000-7.150 MHz: CW, RTTY/Data
7.150-7.300 MHz: CW, Phone, Image

Note: Phone and Image modes are permitted between 7.075 and 7.100 MHz for FCC licensed stations in ITU Regions 1 and 3 and by FCC licensed stations in ITU Region 2 West of 130 degrees West longitude or south of 20 degrees North latitude. See Section 97.307(f)(11). Novice and Technician Plus licensees outside ITU Region 2 may use CW only between 7.050 and 7.075 MHz. See Section 97.301(e). These exemptions do not apply to stations in the continental US.

Anonymous on 2004-03-27
Totally agree with the last comment. CQWW SSB on 40m from Europe is a complete farce, with 60/9+dB sigs covering 7.040>7.10. I work all who go below the 7.040 limit and have no hesitation CQing below there too, as it's IMPOSSIBLE to cram in all participants in that small a frequency range. Ironically, with it's smaller bandwidth/more efficient filtering, CW can cope with a more restrictive frequency range, SO WHY THE HECK DOES IT GET SUCH A LARGE CHUNK TO USE ON EACH BAND ?
From a CW & SSB Op, who is probably a better SSB op, but prefers CW.

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