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Contesting Online Speak Out

Speak Out: Resources for the new contester...

What books, magazines, websites or other resources would you recommend to an aspiring contester?

14 opinions on this subject. Enter your opinion at the bottom of this page.
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Anonymous on 2003-12-16
1) Really great antennas
2) See #1

ZS1AN on 2003-12-10
The Contesting FAQ at

VE3HG on 2003-11-19
N2MG's post is very good. I'd also suggest when it comes time to sit down have a really good adjustable chair underneath you and really comfortable headphones with mic attached. Learn how to use Grayline Dxing to enhance your score. Lots of free CW practice software available to increase your CW speed to at least 25wpm on callsigns. Make friends with multi-op contesters. Run their multiplier receive station if all operating positions are taken. Be ready to take the midnight shift. Learn how to run on CW and Phone at rates approaching 200/hour and you'll always be welcomed and invited back. Our little contesting group (4 of us) in Oakville Ont. is starting to place in the top 10 in our category after working together for the last few years. (We're likely on the 10 meter contest in Dec. as VA3EC). We're all members of the provincial Contest Club Ontario which provides invaluable contacts and opportunity to operate. It takes time to be competitive but it's great fun both learning and doing. See u in the pileup!

N2MG on 2003-11-19
1) Join a good contesting club (check the links area of this site and eHam for listings)
2) Subscribe to the National Contest Journal (NCJ) (print magazine ~ $20/6 issues/year)
3) Subscribe to the cq-contest maillist/reflector (look in the left menu area of this page)
4) Try to get invited to some multi-ops - expect no trouble being welcomed during the lower profile contests. The contacts you make there will likely be invaluable.
5) Put up as good an antenna farm as you can. The two books, Low Band Dxing and The ARRL Antenna Book, are good resources for this.

Not really resources, but general advice...
A) Bone up on your CW if rusty - CW contesting is much better than phone ;-)
B) Be sure to upgrade to Extra or whatever is your country's highest class license as soon as possible.

Mike N2MG

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