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Contesting Online Speak Out

Speak Out: Contest and con

Most of us probably belong to a contest club or were a member at one time. Clubs can be valuable assets for contesters, providing technical assistance, a sense of comraderie and motivation to stay in the chair. As with all organizations, they have their downsides as well. What are your views? Contest clubs... pro and con.

27 opinions on this subject. Enter your opinion at the bottom of this page.
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Anonymous on 2003-07-07
I've seen club members who like to get on for contests just to work DX or to make a few QSOs with their buddies really pressured to make tons of QSOs on bands or modes they don't care about for the benefit of the club score or the score of a club DXpedition.

ae6y on 2003-07-07
I've been a member of the NCCC for about a decade, and an officer several times. I find it to be extremely rewarding -- the members tend to be knowledgeable, enthusiastic and friendly. The club is extremely welcoming to newcomers. We tend to have 40-50 attendees at meetings, and there are great discussions and presentations. Even the world class operators among the members are quite happy to talk to anyone and share their expertise. Like K6RB, I don't see any "cons" whatever.
73, Andy, AE6Y

KC1Q on 2003-07-07
Best thing about a contest club is the vast amount of knowledge both operating and technical. You don't need to be a big gun to benefit from the resources. Clubs offer access to competitive stations and operators to get the help needed to better your own skills. By having a goal to do well as a club, it gives every memeber a chance to compete and the incentive to grow as a contester. There are only a few top stations and operators that will win but by pooling your scores, every person has a chance to be rewarded for their effort.


K6RB on 2003-07-05
I tend not to be a "club" type. I joined the local radio club and quit because it was mostly a handi-talky group with no real interest in HF. But I've been a member of NCCC for several years, now, and I find that my activity in the club has been increasing. The members are congenial, helpful, and contest experienced. I've learned tons about contesting since I joined. So, what are the "cons?"

Anonymous on 2003-07-03
I was a member of the PVRC for a few years until I left Virginia to go to college in Arizona.

The club was SO BIG it was really hard to meet new folks.

I've found contesting to be like fly fishing, the old guys know it all and won't tell you a THING about it.

So, I beat them anyway.

73, Steve N4SL

Anonymous on 2003-07-03
Our regular local ham club members are almost uniformly against contesting. (Nothing like disliking what you don't understand and being too close minded to learn about it) Not sure if that will ever change, so unless you want to be persona non grata around town, the only option is to become one of the 6 or so closet contesters within 100 miles of here.

Anonymous on 2003-07-02
My club sucks. That is why they will always be runner up to every other club in the US. Several people in the club make it so. I'm not sure why I even remain a member.

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